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    Of course changing the FOV (field of view) makes a difference, it actually makes THE difference. The latest post on this thread before yours was from June, 7th. If this was an unsolvable issue, there would probably a lot more posts about this.

    If you can’t see a difference, something went wrong. If a game normally uses an FOV of 75 for example, it looks very narrow and zoomed in, but if you set the FOV to 120 successfully, you have an FOV that is equal to what see in native Rift applications, nothing is zoomed in anymore afterwards.

    That is possible in many games, but not all. vorpX also provides workarounds if it’s not possible in a game.

    From best to worst here is what you can do (taken from the Essential Game Hints in the vorpX help):

    1. Set the game FOV directly in the game if it provides to dial in an FOV of 120°.
    2. Set the game FOV directly with the vorpX Game Settings Optimizer (vorpX config app) for games that support it.
    3. Set the game FOV to 120 manually through an ini tweak or external tool (avaliable for many games, google FOV + game name).
    4. Set the game resolution to a 4:3 or 5:4 aspect ratio mode. 1280×960 for example. In many games this helps with FOV.
    5. Use the 3D FOV Enhancement in the vorpX ingame menu (availabe in Geometry 3D games).
    6. Use one of the letterbox aspect ratio modes in the vorpX ingame menu and/or ImageZoom.
    7. Play the game in Virtual Cinema Mode (can be enabled in the vorpX ingame menu).
    8. Use the 2D FOV-Enhancement in the vopX ingame menu (be aware that this distorts the image).

    Well actually I did most of that last night. I applied the vorpx optimisations to each game. I was able to press F4 in Dishonored and that worked. Metro LL no way. No amount of FOV modding (including the .ini) made even the slightest difference. The games that are zoomed in look normal (good) in theater mode) or when using the peek feature (mouse M).

    I had also used vorpx FOV controls and that helped slightly but Borderlands and Metro LL were still far too zoomed in.

    As soon as I adjusted IPD in-game vorpx on Metro LL it looked normal for the first time. Increased stereo depth too.

    By the way… I’d also changed the vorpx aspect ratios last night and none of them helped the extrem zoomed-in look.

    So now the game is set to 90 via .ini and adjusted IPD and it looks good. As I said.. setting the FOV to 120 via .ini last night didn’t help at all.

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    One very important thing regarding the “zoomed in” effect, that almost everyone misses, including me, is calibrating IPD in vorpX’s ingame menu. So do calibrate your IPD following the on-screen instructions, trust me…it does wonders to the resulting image both for FOV and 3D depth and presence feeling.

    I tried a few games like Crysis, Fallout 3, BF3, BF4 etc and no matter what methods I used for improving FOV, including FOV enhancement tools and vorpX’s FOV options and zoom, it still felt a bit “zoomed in”, especially on close range objects.
    So after finishing the whole BF3 campaign using Flawless Widescreen set to max FOV, Letterbox 1 aspect ratio, 2D FOV-Enhancement and 85 % image zoom, I started BF4 (same settings) which had better 3D definition but after playing for a while, the “zoomed in” feeling became kind of annoying and broke the immersion. Besides that I also got some blurry vision for half an hour after playing, until my eyes readjusted.

    Then I started messing with Calibrate IPD option from page 2 (display) and found that 64.00 which is the default average for most males was wrong, so I re-calibrated using the on-screen instructions and ended up at 60.75 where the cross was perfectly visible and most clear (I do not suffer from any vision issues, I see very sharp, near and far).I was stunned by the result as the “zoomed-in” issue was completely gone, the FOV was just like as in an Oculus native supported game like Alien Isolation or HL2. I was stunned even more when I instantly noticed a huge improvement to 3D depth, the distance from my face to every object in the 3D environment was very clear which is a huge boost for presence feeling. And after playing for a couple of hours without any pause, when I exited, the blurry vision was greatly diminished and it completely disappeared in 1-2 minutes.

    So this is the most important thing to do besides setting the FOV. You might end up higher than me, closer to 62-63…in my case, might be the VR Cover cloth which I applied over the DK2 and puts a bit of higher distance between the lens and the eyes, although the VR native games didn’t gave me any problems with the 64 IPD default setting in Oculus profile. I’m not sure how that is possible, maybe it differs from one game to the next, but the result is amazing.

    Looks like you’re right! Every game has been massively zoomed-in and even after I spent hours last night following the advice to change FOV in game, in vorpx or by modding game ini, it made absolutely no difference. So after finding your advice here I went in to metro ll and adjusted the IPD (haven’t used the in-game calibrate yet – i simply increased the IPD and now the game doesn’t look zoomed in anymore. Also changed the z-buffer mode and increased 3d effect. So many people are posting here about zoomed-in problems and the standard advice to mod FOV isn’t working. Well done for sorting it out!

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    Got MPC-HC displaying in 3d with vorpx now. It wasn’t crashing – whenever I bring up the in-game menu (DEL) it pauses the video (I thought the pause was video crash). Videos look amazing in 3d on the virtual cinema.

    I got the FOV to increase in Dishonored with F4.

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    Thanks for reply Ralf,

    MPC did display once in vorpx when I went to MPC video menu and changed to DX setting but then when I brought up the options menu on the cinema it crashed. I have used the game optimizer for MPC and VLC and will keep trying.

    It’s early days yet so I will keep optimise the FOV for the various games. I like the way Vorpx works. It certainly opens up a lot more games for Oculus. I think Vorpx is very well designed.

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    That’s why we love Elite Dangerous.

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    I want to be able to return to 8.1 too because now skyrim wont work and I need older sdk version to play Elite Dangerous. I dont thing we should be force to get an update that require a new version of the SDK if we dont want to.

    Elite Dangerous is amazing. I’m using 6.0.1. runtime because it’s the most compatible although 5.0.1 gives better performance with Elite. Frontier really need to bring their space sim up to date. Runtime 8 is here now and quite a few apps and games have already been updated for 7 (seem to work fine on 8 as well).

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    Video player with MPC seems to work fine but I was wondering is there a plan to support 180/360 degree videos? (Or is there allready a way to watch them by changing settings?)

    Yes, it’s called Virtual desktop and it’s amazing. It will stream 360 videos (and 3d ones) or play from hard disk and it lets u use windows desktop from Oculus.


    in reply to: Alien Isolation with DK2 and VorpX 0.9 #90665

    Hey Guys,

    i need help! How i can start Alien Isolation with the DK2 and VorpX?

    System: Windows 10
    VorpX 0.9

    Any Ideas?

    Yup, as above. No need for vorpx with Alien but VR on that game is abysmal. Reason being the world scaling is wrong so everything is actually too small and when you access a terminal or any other display – your face is pressed right up against the screen. This is just simply bad game design.

    These tips might help. It’s easy enough editing the xml file…

    Alien Isolation Rift Troubleshooting Thread
    byu/niwashi inoculus

    in reply to: Vorpx 9.0, terrible. #90662

    Does not work, waited months without using vorpx and finally got my hands on the 9.0 version.

    Game will load for 5-10 seconds then freeze, for every single game.
    It’s not an internal issue but external (Vorpx), disabled everything that isn’t windows essential one by one. Nothing.

    Windows 10 user.

    Waste of money, unprofessional company.

    You can’t realistically just say vorpx .9 sucks when there are others reporting it works fine. First question I have to ask is what about your system? ATI? Nvidia? Try disabling UAC completely and see if that helps.

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    Sounds good. I’ve just looked up a youtube video of vorpx 0.9 with GTA V. He’s playing the game in virtual cinema mode. That wouldn’t suit me at all. Virtual cinema great for watching movies though. Seems there are issues at the moment with GTA V and vorpx .9? I mean if u want to run it directly in stereoscopic 3d. It’s not too much of an issue since I don’t actually own GTA V yet but since it’s on the list of compatible games one would reasonably expect it to work in full 3d. I must say I have no interest in playing any games in 2d with Oculus. I know some people are because I’ve read comments here and there. I have zero interest if it’s not in stereoscopic 3d on Oculus.

    in reply to: Vorpx Demo???? #90548

    There’s a lot of disinterest among bigger game developers. Bohemia Interactive seem to have little interest (told me a few days ago on twitter they have no plans to update Arma 3 for VR). I suspect many developers are hoping VR fails so they don’t have to develop for it. So many developers got hold of the rift and so often they either left it sitting around or just toyed with it rather than making any real commitment. Things should improve when CV1 comes. It’s good that Ralph is demonstrating existing games can be used in VR via vorpx.

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    Great points! I bought Dying Light a few weeks ago. Dishonored I played quite far through but would like to complete with Oculus now I have it (have only had DK2 for about 2.5 weeks). Alien Isolation also have but only played about 6 hours so far non-VR. Bioshock infinite I agree would be great. GTA V I don’t own yet. It’s currently on sale for at half price at greenmangaming. I agree Oculus should have had something like Vorpx or contacted Ralph to work with him? Seems counter-productive their lack of interest. I think Palmer is so focused on getting a new generation of VR games with menus and text VR compatible from the ground up. I think Elite Dangerous is a good example there… the menus are 3d and float in front of you.

    Thanks for your advice!

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    Ralph should hire you. So what have u been playing through it and have you installed the 0.9 vorpx yet?

    in reply to: Vorpx Demo???? #90535

    Stop stalling and buy it ! :) Its only $40.. Rift cost $300+.. pc $1000+… Games are $60 a pop… buying a great program, and the only program, that let’s you use all those together for only $40 seems like a good deal to me… just do it lol

    I’m just concerned about wasting money if it doesn’t work for me. I persuaded a friend to buy it last year when he bought his DK2. He hasn’t had any luck getting it working with his games. I very rarely pay full price for a game anyway. GTA V is currently on sale below the price of vorpx. A demo would have been a great way to test it out before spending.

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    From what I read about Vorpx… any game on the vorpx list should play in stereoscopic 3d. Any games not on the list will play in 2d.

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