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    switch off dof…… i experienced this very badly in GTA5. Everyhing looked fuzzy and blurry even if dof was switched off. What i did was disableing all graphic enhancements. If u use nvidia u can increase the DSR resolution to to 2 or even 4 times.
    Then after u deisabled all grahic enhancements u will need to enable one by one again and try different combinations. My gta 5 is blurry free and even the distant lights look pretty decent.
    GTA5 ws the only game that was fuzzy and blurry and flickering. FO4 Skyrim Bioshock infinite ( very clear and beautifull).
    Maybe that helps…

    Hey, nieda, you said your GTA V was blur free … could you post your settings here for me to try? Still struggling with how to improve the image of this game …


    “I hope this topic can help some people so no body accuse me of being a necromancer.”

    Took me a second but I like the way you put that.

    As long as the information is still relevant I see nothing wrong with resurrecting an old thread. You’ve inspired me to experiment with the crystal settings. I’ll post back with the results.


    yesss thank you!!!

    These are some of the resolutions I’ve used:


    If you want to run in higher res you can try dropping shader, texture and postfx quality.

    I also prefer to use the FOV mod and I tweak the “zoom” setting in vorpx just slightly–to get fullvr vorpx really zooms the image in as a necessary trade off. You can zoom it out a little (make it smaller) which gives you some very slight letterboxing in return for a sharper image … there are also all sorts of “Increase your FPS!” mods out there you can try which are mostly just tweaked config files but they seem to help some people. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Wait, forgot–there is also a gigantic texture replacement mod for GTA V which is supposed to give a speed boost for people with really low end machines. You might try that too.

    And one last thing–I use the Oculus Tray Tool to turn OFF ASW (it’s on by default) because GTA V seems to run much better with Vorpx if I disable ASW. I’d try that too.


    I use the fov mod and I just tested it (with and without) and it is working for me.


    Have you tried the GTA V VR mod? It has its own FOV handling ng method that overrides anything else. You can only use it via steam (set vorpx to htc Vive). It hasn’t been updated in a while, but still works.


    Are you using GTA V VR mod with a Rift? When I tried it on mine it looked amazing but the touch controls were all messed up–I could only walk in a diagonal line.

    When you play GTA V with vorpx do you ever use a gamepad? If you do do you run into an issue in first person mode when walking backwards you walk forwards instead? It only happens if you aren’t carrying a weapon.


    @ haints: The correct FOV is the one that provides the same camera angle in the headset that your eyes have in reality, there is only one such FOV. That’s also the reason why you do not see an FOV option in any VR game, deviating from this FOV always causes image distortion. I am aware though that some of you guys like to experiment, hence the +/- 20° offset option.

    That said, if you disable the Direct VR FOV option in the vorpX menu, it is disabled and you can still use an external tool. If your tool of choice does not work anymore, it’s quite likely that this is caused by a recent GTA V update. Setting FOV via writing into a game’s memory addresses is always prone to break with game updates.

    Ralf, I owe you an apology.

    I read the latest responses to this thread, redownloaded and reinstalled the GTA FoV mod and now it is at least partly working (pistols are still unchanged for some reason). If other people are not running into these same issues then they must be on my end, though I can’t think of what it could be.


    at 800 x 600 it’s already wayyyyy too pixelated and shit… and it’s STILL not smooth. Are there any ways i can decrease performance? anyone knows some tricks to improve performance?

    I have been using Flaweless Widescreen to set FOV in GTA V after disabling vorpx FOV and found that, not only did it look better IMO, I also got a better frame rate. Just recently, however, Flawless Widescreen and other FOV mods have stopped working with GTA V and Vorpx. Ralf says this has nothing to do with vorpx but I don’t know what other answer there could be since disabling vorpx allows the mods to work again. You could try experimenting with them and maybe you’ll have better luck than I’m having.

    I’ve also tried a TON of custom resolutions to get the best balance of frame rate and visuals with GTA V. 1440×1920 looks the best on my system but comes at a cost. I’m not at my home PC but I’ll post some custom resolutions later that I find to work well with GTA V/vorpx.


    There have been no changes in this regard. You can still disable The DirectVR FOV in vorpX and use another method. If that does not work anymore, the external fix may be broken due to a GTA V update.

    I don’t think that could be it, One: because I’ve blocked GTA V from updating (I only care about single player+mods) and Two: when I disable Vorpx … the mods work again. When I remove vorpx from the equation, the mods continue to function. Therefore I think something must have changed in vorpx.

    Could the option to disable vorpx FOV/other settings be bugged somehow? Before the recent updates, disabling vorpx FOV meant the other FOV mods would work just fine. Now it makes no difference.

    You can apply a +/-20% offset to the pre-calculated FOV on the DirectVR page of the vorpX menu though if you want.

    Thanks, I did try that, but the effect is not quite the same and I lose quite a bit of FPS with vorpx FOV as opposed to the external options.

    Just keep in mind that FOV for full VR mode is not a matter of taste, there is only right or wrong in this case.

    Yes, and no. I am sure you are setting FOV correctly for the Rift’s FOV. However there is an issue with that and GTA V: If I extend my arm and pretend I’m aiming a pistol, the reality is I can see my entire arm extending out from my body. With vorpx FOV and GTA V, I see mostly my hand/hands and the pistol–in other words, the view is zoomed in a little too close to match what I would see in reality. It’s like I’m holding the gun up right in front of my face instead of extending it to aim.

    Same thing with driving a car. When you are driving in real life you can see your entire arms reaching out to grasp the wheel. In vorpx FOV for GTA V, again you mostly see your hands and a little bit of your arms–which works against the feeling of immersion–of actually being present in the game world. It’s like you’re hunched up against the wheel while driving.

    I’m sure there are other metrics in which the FOV you’ve set is the correct one–I’m just saying there is more than one way to be “correct” in this instance, even if some of those ways are in conflict with each other. And of course, they involve different trade offs.

    BTW: Please post such things in the “Technical Support” sub-forum to help keeping the forum in an at least halfway structured state. Thanks! In the future I will move more posts without further notice.

    Sorry about that, Ralf. I’ll be more careful to post in the correct forum in the future.

    in reply to: New to Vorpx – Suggestions Welcome #171344

    Now that I’ve had several weeks to play around with Vorpx, I think I’ve tapped into the gist of what this software is and what it can offer. On first impressions, my initial thoughts were not that favorable. In order to improve that perception, I had to dig in deeper and not be afraid to learn how to tweak, use mods, edit ini files and understand the inherent complexity of PC gaming. With some perseverance trying several games, I’m glad to report that not all is lost and there are some good experiences to be had within Vorpx. This applies for only a handful of games. Too many games have one or two immersion breaking elements, yet leaving the impression of potential.

    For the games that had some modest success, it required tinkering, ini tweaks and the use of mods. Thank god for the world of PC gaming. Without the ability to tweak and mod games to ones liking, Vorpx would not be viable for VR. This leads me into areas of Vorpx that the developer needs to consider when doing updates. Using Direct VR yielded little pleasing results. While I appreciate the idea of ease of use, auto configuring and less tweaking by the user, the reality is I’d prefer to ignore in favor of my decisions to override for customizing. The few games that had good results for me involved tweaking ini files, overriding FOV, use of mods and adjusting/overriding main aspects of Vorpx suggested settings, especially with G3D. In general (not directed at Vorpx developer) game developers need to resist the concept of “what is best for the user” and lock off tweaking or customization options for “the users own good”. To me, this is developer arrogance, I’ll decide what is good for me in terms of what I deem as a good experience. After all, ones preferences and idea of entertainment in gaming is subjective.

    Thankfully I do see the ability to override some stuff within Vorpx, but I hope the developer resists the urge in removing advanced or overriding features in the future, in fact it’s better to add more overriding options! To get the most out of this, customization, modding and tweaking is the essence of making games that were never developed for VR at least playable and give a new experience to said game. As far as modding goes, Bethesda has got this right!

    Here are a few improvement areas for Vorpx that would benefit greatly and widen for more playable games in VR.

    1.) G3D Strength: Being a 3D Vision user for many years, one of the greatest features to have is multiple settings for 3D strength that can be switched on the fly when in game with a single key stroke. The benefit of this is far reaching and can be applied to a game where difference settings is needed. i.e. cut scenes, main gameplay or top down/isometric view

    This is accomplished in 3D Vision (not compatible with Vorpx) through a mod known as Helix/3DMitigo and can simply be configured in an ini file. Some may already be familiar with these mods. This has been a vital feature for 3D Vision and I believe that Vorpx could benefit massively with an option like this. ARMA III comes to mind since I set it up with Vorpx and thought wow, if I could only hit a keystroke to have a difference 3D strength when viewing the compass or scope and a simple keystroke to revert back for normal play. This immersion breaking element could be resolved with multiple 3D strength settings. I’ve never needed more than a total of three for the all years I’ve been 3D Vision gaming.

    To the Vorpx developer, can this not be done or added feature? Please….. 😉

    Since 3D Vision is a wide subject, I think there is relevance when using Vorpx. More information can be found here and specifically on convergence (3D strength, pop out etc…)

    HelixMod BlogSpot

    2.) I noticed some games are capped at 5.00 for G3D strength and this varies from game to game profiles. Please unlock this in a games profile. Toyification in 3D is a great way to play some games. You can see a lot of discussions on the Nvidia 3D Vision forums surrounding this subject and it is a popular way to game!

    3.) While I have experimented a bit with copying profiles, my impressions is that the profiles are too locked down to an exe file. Since I have games using the “lithtech.exe”, I see the dgVoodo profile but already assigned. Please remove this restriction if possible? Will hard links work? A little more flexability would be great.

    If the developer reads this, I hope these observations and suggestions are taken as constructive feedback. The multiple 3D strength settings would be a huge benefit, hopefully this can be added.

    That is it for now and if anyone wants to chime in, offer advice, suggestions or feedback. It will be well received. I’ll contine to report back of any ideas or finds.



    I think you raise some good points, Stryker.

    A few thoughts. One of the main criticisms vorpx has received on other forums (r/occulus, etc) is that it’s too much work to set up. You have to tweak too many different paramaters to get a good result, etc. You or I might be fine with that, but there are a lot of people who aren’t, so my guess is Ralf has been moving towards more of an automated model A: in order to establish a larger user base, and B: to cut down on the amount of time he has to spend trying to walk new users through this or that setting, etc. It’s just easier all the way around to have the software essentially “run itself.”

    I saw the same thing with Tridef 3D where they started simplifying the UI more and more as time went by. It’s a tricky balance to get right: there ARE a lot of people who don’t want to have to tweak things for every game they play, but there are also people who are willing to get their hands a little dirty in order to get the best possible experience tailored to their individual preferences. I would hope that, in the future, vorpx will have options for BOTH types of user–the people who just want to play the game right now can have the automated option, and those of us who like to tinker can have some more advanced options to play around with. As long as these two separate approaches are clearly marked as such (i.e. basic/complex, etc ) I think you could theoretically make both groups feel catered too … but I’m not a coder so I could be completely wrong about that.

    in reply to: Witcher 3, first person mod, anyone tried it..? #171059

    I haven’t but I want to.

    I find it a little suspicious that as far as I can tell, that video never actually shows any first person combat. It’s just your character walking around. I wonder how well combat works.

    in reply to: Kingdom Come Deliverance in G3D is pretty sweet. #171031

    The 3D is almost perfect with this game. I turned shadows off in the Vorpx menu and upped the FOV and its a very pretty game with Vorpx. Like the story line so far..parents just got killed..Taking my sword practice very seriously now. Devs plan to have their game open to modding…looking forward to whats coming. Good job Ralf.

    Are you also playing it in Cinema mode? My 970 is struggling with Kingdom Come on medium settings. I’ll try killing shadows too. What FOV did you settle on?

    in reply to: Tron 2.0/Thief 2014 #171029

    I was hoping the Thief profile worked well. I’ll have to give it a go. Thanks for the recommendation!

    in reply to: kingdom come deliverance #171028

    Has anyone actually verified these tweaks work yet? I tweak every game I play, but I often find that tweaks that supposedly improve, say, performance, often do nothing or can actually lower FPS …

    in reply to: Anybody tried Kingdom Come: Deliverance #170922

    I’d say it’s good, although my rig might not be up to G3D with this game and FOV feels slightly zoomed in. I’m definitely going to go back and play this with VorpX when I finish GTA V.


    vorpX 18.1.1 is on the server and fixes this issue.

    Yes, that fixed it! Performance with GTA V is now better than ever!

    Thanks for the quick solution, Ralf.

    FYI to everyone else, I had to shut VorpX down and then restart it before it would download the latest update. Once I did that, it was all good.

    Thanks again!


    Took a closer look at this update and I’m not just psyched for KCD but also the Thief remake in G3D, Nier, etc.

    Any chance we could eventually get a Titanfall 2 profile? Very playable with unofficial Tridef profile but I miss that Vorpx magic …

    Regardless, I really hope the VR community will come to realize the huge strides Vorpx has made/is making with these last few updates. There was a time where I couldn’t unreservedly recommend the software to someone–especially if they weren’t into tinkering. Now not only would I recommend it–I think EVERYONE who is into 3D/VR gaming should buy it. Great work, Ralf.

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