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    SO this is great news!! I see the beta is out for vive! RALF how many of the supported games on the list have you successfully tried with the beta??? Or anyone else for that matter??

    Im still waiting on my VIVE, but I am a sure buy once I get it!

    Everything I’ve tried works great so far, i don’t think you have anything to worry about ;-) I find after an hour or so i tend to get a little motion sick, but I’m pretty sensitive to it. It’s only my first night, so I still need to play with settings. Regardless, it’s an incredible experience!

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    I bought the VorpX software before the Vive support was even listed, assuming VR was VR, little did i know… but glad to see official support coming, I have only one complaint with the vive, the games are all EXPENSIVE demos.

    I have bought and played a ton of them, and I have to say, if anything kills VR its the lackluster sub-par “pre-alpha” demos for sale at retail prices.

    Ralf might be the savior for VR, at least for me… I cannot WAIT to play some actual AAA titles in VR.

    Speaking of which, do you have an ETA for when you might first introduce Vive support?

    List of games in my personal order of worth the money:

    *.) Minecraft (minecrift-Vive) EPIC levels of fun! but no 1.9 support….
    1.) Final Approach – Super Fun and interesting use of VR(full game)
    2.) Budget cuts (demo) – Wicked fun, but a demo
    3.) Space pirate trainer – Wicked fun (sold as full game, but its Pre-alpha)
    4.) Vanishing Realms – Really Fun (Chapter 1 of X)
    5.) Job Simulator – Really Fun first time through (kind of 4 demos)
    6.) The Lab – fun (Demo Pack)
    7.) Windlands – Oddly fun (only a short way into it)
    8.) TheBlu – not really worth the $10 but i kept it – (3 Short Demo’s)
    9.) Fantastic Contraption – mediocre (came with my HMD)
    10.) Cloudlands VR Golf (refunded) Terrible music, hard to see where you need to teleport to, and the courses are odd
    11.) Call of the star seed The Gallery – (refunded) REALLY short, not that fun, not optimized, odd glitches and $30 (2hours of gameplay) for the first chapter of the game!!!!!!!!!!!
    12.) Descent underground (refunded) – Runs like crap on my 4.8Ghz 980Ti-SLI PC, Multiplayer or Bots only, head movement locked to monitor refresh rate, almost made me vomit.

    Anyone try the out of ammo, elite dangerous, Luca, or 5089?

    I completely agree with everything you said. I was going to cancel my vive preorder until i came across this forum saying vive support was in the works.

    I have played 5089, it’s a good game but i ended up returning it. The guns put the vive controller at a 90 degree angle from the barrel, unlike space pirate trainer, which sits at a more natural angle. I didn’t think i could deal with that long term.

    Does the cost of Vanishing Realms cover the upcoming chapters? I read it was short, only 2 hours… so i avoided it because it’s so expensive. It does look like the coolest launch title though.

    Although, none of this matters now that vorpx supports the vive. I’m reinstalling Fallout 4 now ;-)

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    And before trying it myself I would have agreed with you. Call me lucky or cursed, but so far DK2 has yet to make me feel motion sick (or feel anything at all for that matter). I guess VR hasn’t tricked my brain just yet, maybe Vive will change my mind.

    That’s awesome, I’d call you lucky. I couldn’t play my DK1 for more than 10-15 minutes without getting severe motion sickness. I had to keep Dramamine on hand, and be sure to take it an hour beforehand every time I intended to play!

    I never tried the DK2. Someone told me that the ghosting on the DK1 was probably a bigger factor to motion sickness than the framerate or resolution. Maybe it was improved for the DK2. I’m jealous in any case lol

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    Understood that high frame rates are “preferred”, but quite honestly, I was playing GTA5 quite comfortably at 35 fps. I started to notice discomfort below 30. I could lower settings for more frames, but I still want the game to look as good as I can. For me it was the 35 fps sweet spot.

    You mean you were playing gta5 at 35fps in VR? On a monitor that would be fine, but in VR ~30fps looks terrible every time you turn your head. Even 60fps isn’t great in VR which is why HTC and Oculus targeted 90fps for their headsets and games.

    If you were in VR playing with that low of a frame-rate, consider me highly impressed you didn’t puke after 10 minutes!

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    That does help very much, thank you!

    At least now I can stop giving myself a heart attack thinking it might ship this week, and it if does ship this week, it will be a nice surprise ;-)

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    I thought I’d have my Vive before vorpx supported it, now it looks like Ralf is crushing the code and will be done before my Vive even ships!

    This may be a little off topic, but on Thursday i got my “pre-order authorization” email saying to call my credit card company and tell them to expect a charge blah blah blah.

    Well i took this to mean my Vive would ship soon, but it’s already Wednesday. So if anyone here got their Vive, can you give me an idea how long after the pre-order authorization email you received shipping notification?

    I fear the hype may kill me.

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    My Vive shipped!

    Vorpx is my first purchase after it comes, even before any launch titles ;-)

    I think everyone knows what they are getting into. I’ve used free vr mods on my dk1, and any tinkering (which I’ve never found to be more complicated than tinkering with graphics options) is more than worth the effort… even on the shitty dk1!

    From my research, vorpx is much better than the free mods, so even if that’s half true, I’m frickin’ hyped.

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    I was literally going to cancel my vive preorder today because I heard that vorpx didn’t support the vive. But now that I know it’s coming, both htc and vorpx will have my money as soon as vive support is delivered!


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