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  • in reply to: Has vorpX changed your gaming way of life? #216254
    Seph Swain

    Yeah, from zero gaming to 10h/week of Rocket League.
    Playing flat is no more option for me, for no game in the world.

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    Seph Swain

    Quick Start Guide:
    – start VorpX
    – start the Configure VorpX Tool, go to “Cloud Profiles”, search for Rocket League, import the latest Profile from a genius named TechnoGoat (“for DX11”)
    – read the instructions of that profile
    – start the game
    – in game: FOV max, start with ball cam

    next steps:
    – add the startup parameters for a better resolution for RL in your games launcher (-ResX=... -ResY=...)
    – tune the in game video settings
    – add the custom resolutions for VorpX
    – try different camera settings in game an different profiles in VorpX
    – try VorpX’s FOV enhancer

    See you in tournament!

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    Seph Swain


    in reply to: 45fps limit #206159
    Seph Swain

    Hi Ralf, thanks for the enlightenment!

    I watched the numbers more carefully and this is what happens:
    For resolutions higher than 2160×1200 framerate starts at 90fps and then suddenly drops to a constant 45fps after about 20s-30s of gameplay.

    This never happens with 2160×1200. So I’ll stick with that.

    Danke und Gruß!

    in reply to: do you play flat games #205515
    Seph Swain

    I don’t anymore. #NeverPlayFlat

    in reply to: Rocket League in Full/Direct VR #202778
    Seph Swain

    Any news on this?

    Seph Swain

    I have several questions:
    – Is there an answere to the multiple-monitor question yet?
    – Can I check if I set up my custom resolutions correctly?
    – Do I have to set the game’s resolution to one of the custom ones?

    in reply to: Post update stuttering in Flight Simulator 2020 #198650
    Seph Swain

    Changing “Direct mode async render” and “Headset Sync” (both in “Display settings”) did the trick for me.

    Unfortunately I can’t provide good or bad settings, as I can no longer reproduce the original problem. Most combinations of those parameters work well, only some combinations seem to cause the problem sometimes, sometimes not. (Maybe you have to restart the game befor changes take effect?)

    Thanks for the support and looking forward for native VR in FS!

    in reply to: Post update stuttering in Flight Simulator 2020 #198619
    Seph Swain

    Same here for RocketLeague.

    Since the last major vorpX update (21.1.0) I get random massive fps drops.
    The stuttering happens in intervals of about 3-10s, last for 0.5-3s and feel like fps drop to 5 or so.
    The game did run perfectly smooth before the update.

    more debugging info:
    The vorpX framerate counter shows a solid 90fps/90fps for game and headset all the time, ie. before, during and after the stuttering.
    The RocketLeague in-game performance graphs show no peaks whatsoever.
    I changed every configuration I could find in vorpX, in-game and NVIDIA panel (incl. custom resolutions) but nothing seemd to make the problem better or worse.
    I usually use the TechnoGoat vorpX profile as a basis, but also tried the vorpX default profile.
    RocketLeague itself updated a couple of days before vorpX and started Season 2 on exactly the same date as the vorpX update.

    Rift CV1 on a RTX3070 rockrockRyzen 5.

    in reply to: Rocket League update to DX11 #196874
    Seph Swain

    Any news on this? Will there be DirectX support for RL soon?

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