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    I’m sure, but as someone with a weak VR stomach for artificial motion, I’ll likely spend most my time there.

    I have good news for you ! when i had my DK2, i had serious motion sickness issues ! sometimes i felt very bad !

    I have spent more than 10 hours already with the vive and…. no motion sickness at all !!


    @ simblarosh :

    Games: There may be one or the other odd exception that has yet to be discovered, but in general everything that works on Rift should also work on Vive.

    Release date: Yes, there is a planned release date. But I don’t feel suicidal enough to share it yet. ;)


    Haha cant muster up the courage to potentially disappoint gamers….I totally understand.. Thanks for the quick reply by the way and one more thing just because Im a curious person. What makes the (odd games) unable to be ported over to VIVE??


    That was just a safety answer in case something doesn’t work for unknown reasons. Until now everything that was tested worked. But since not every single game has been tested with Vive, I can’t be 100% sure that there isn’t any exception.

    Dalton Sleeper

    I’ve been monitoring this thread for a while and after reading the latest posts I felt confident enough to buy VorpX. I’ve had the Vive for a week, unfortunately there aren’t many games that supports it, which made the VorpX choice even easier. I’m looking forward to the Vive support, keep up the good work!


    OK I gotcha, well once again man, thanks for the work and the community input!

    My money has got your name on it lol.


    I just hope alien isolation will work


    Ralf,just a quick question,please.
    Specifically for htc Vive¿What is recommended resolution for you to work with some games in “fullvr mode”?
    Excepting cases where custom resolutions could help achieve better performance or fov and virtual cinema mode.


    For full VR 4:3 or 5:4 resolutions are generally the best for most games (1600×1200 if you can afford it, less if there are performance issues). 4:3/5:4 is good because there is not much overdraw, but still a bit room for async timewarp on both sides of the image. Also better in regard to FOV for many games than widescreen resolutions.

    For Virtual Cinema Mode you probably want to choose a widescreen res. Just looks better.


    Received my Vive couple days ago. I know Vive isn’t supported yet, but I still made the purchase just now to support the dev. Hopefully we’ll all get to experience our games in Vive VR soon!



    Without promising anything from your side: should we expect to wait days, weeks or months for the release? :-)


    I’m dying for this software. Any chance for a beta build so we can help test?


    You have my support too with vive support! Will purchase then, guaranteed!


    I’m dying for this software. Any chance for a beta build so we can help test?

    I would go for this as well. I’d be willing to buy it now in it’s beta form for the purposes of helping iron out any issues.


    The same here, the Minute, i see your Software suports the vive, I will buy it…

    I think the vive is much better than the Oculus. I am Playing DCS with it and it´s fantastic…

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 252 total)
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