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    Playing with the motion controller gestures since a few days and love it! This is absolutely gorgeous, no way to go back to anything else. Can’t wait to see this in other games too.

    Only thing I find a bit weird is how the buttons are layed out on my Touch controllers. I’d rather have A/B on one X/Y on the other one. Maybe that could be changed?


    There is an option to swap Y and B on the motion controller page of the menu. The default may look a bit funny, but in many games it feels better gameplay wise. You can change it though and see whether that works better for you.


    First off, thanks for this mod, its life changing. I’ve already played a lot using it, however I have one issue which is driving me crazy. Anti-aliasing stops working when I have the mod installed, thus edges of everything look terrible, and I can’t find a way to fix it

    When the mod is not installed, anti-aliasing looks fine. When it is installed, anti-aliasing is off including on my main 2D monitor. I take that to mean its nothing with the underlying game code.

    I have:
    -Increased resolution settings
    -Set clarity settings to high
    -Tried with and without DLSS
    -Turned anisotropy to 16x
    -Made sure “disable anti-aliasing” was turned off (it looked the same with or without this checked)

    I have an RTX 2060 super, and I’ve played around a lot with my geforce settings. The problem persists both at default settings, as well as my current settings which are:
    -Anisotropic filtering: application controlled
    -Antialiasing- FXAA: On
    -Antialiasing- Gamma Correction: On
    -Antialiasing- mode: Application controlled
    -Antialiasing- transparency: 8x supersample
    -DSR- factors: 1.78x DL
    -DSR- smoothness: 33%
    -MFAA: Off
    -VRSS: Always On

    Any ideas what I might be able to do?


    Oh and I should also mention, I am playing on an HP Reverb G2 on OpenXR


    The Cyber Engine Tweaks modding framework that the mod uses has an option to turn off AA. The mod doesn’t touch that, but maybe you did earlier?


    Open the CET menu with ‘Page Down’ (key the mod sets, may differ if you used CET before and assigned another one). In the CET menu you can enable/disable AA.


    If that doesn’t work out, e.g. because you forgot your CET menu key: uninstall the mod, then delete the entire [CP2077]\bin\x64\plugins folder and reinstall the mod.


    Ya, did both and it still doesn’t work. Thanks though.


    Things seem disturbingly quiet around here today.

    I’ve been commenting like on each the Luke Ross youtube videos today trying to create more awareness of this Vorpx Mod’s existence. The motion gestures really set it apart.

    One thing I will say about the R.E.A.L mod that really bkew me away is the performance its stunning, I’m not sure what kind of magic he’s weaving but damn.


    One thing I will say about the R.E.A.L mod that really bkew me away is the performance its stunning, I’m not sure what kind of magic he’s weaving but damn.

    So you still prefer the vorpx mod? How much better is the performance on Luke Ross’s mod vs vorpx?


    So you still prefer the vorpx mod?

    Honestly the only thing I kind of miss is the motion gestures. The performance of the R.E.A.L mod is off the charts for me.

    The Hud being fixed to your characters body rotation also makes the UI perfect to view. Completely solves any issue I had with readability.

    but Im glad we have multiple options. Plus this one is free so..theres that.


    Looks like my comments hit home, see Beardo’s video below. (Timestamped)

    Vorpx is finally acknowledged. Seems Beardo Benjo will finally be giving it a try.


    Also Paradise Decay says he’s working on an updated video to show off the motion gestures.


    Just before any legends arise: in an apples to apples comparison at comparable settings and resolution there isn’t really a difference performance wise.

    Might also be worth pointing out that ironically vorpX in this particular case is a lot more of an actual mod. And when I say a lot I mean that.

    The vorpX mod uses the Cyber Engine Tweaks modding framework, which exposes the game’s internal scripting functions to modders. Only vorpX uses such a mod script. Now you may say: what do I care how it’s done, I just want to play a game. Legitimate question, the answer is that with the ability to interact with the game logic instead of just the rendering part there are more and better possibilities for a lot of VR specific funtionality and tweaks.

    So there are quite a few things happening based on gameplay state. E.g. weapons obstructing less of your view while carrying them, VR optimized in-car camera positions, the hood cam, various aiming down sights tweaks, auto EdgePeek in cutscenes for better comfort, or switching between different motion controller gesture sets based on gameplay context, obvious example: car steering in a car, bike steering on a bike. And the above is not all by any means.

    Maybe I should start bragging a bit more about what a big shot I am. ;)



    Since Update 1.5 is DLSS much better than before, and with completely low settings and a manual resolution setting of 3840×2880 i get 60fps and more, with my RTX 3080 Ti.

    Can you add a resolution option above “ultra” in a “????x2880” resolution to your mod for use with DLSS ?

    I would suggest to call it the “Psycho” Resolution.


    *DLSS Quality is meant*


    You Sir, have EVERY right to brag after this phenomenon you created, are you kidding me?


    Would it be possible to allow the edge-peek button to function normally during conversations, cut scenes, braindances, etc? I understand and agree that the default behaviour should be to switch to edge-peek for comfort. But can the toggle button be left functional, to be used when wanted? Many conversation scenes don’t have forced camera moves, and the camera can be panned around normally to look around, so it seems like it should work fine in those situations.

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