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    @ Fairweather:

    No promises, but I’ll look into that.

    @ lipplog:

    Walk and look direction are decoupled in the mod. You can walk/drive in one direction and look into another.


    Thanks Ralf :) Hope you can figure it out. If its only me, dont bother of course.


    A few random things I’ve found while dialing in all the settings to play using a gamepad and DirectVR with a Reverb G2, in case any of this helps to reduce the set-up time for others:

    1. In game settings, turn off aim assist to eliminate bad jitters when in combat.

    2. The HUD needs to be set to 100% or there are icons floating everywhere not attached to the in-game objects. Then the HUD is mostly out of my FOV so I have to use edge-peek to check the mini-map, etc.

    3. In-game controller settings I reduce vertical sensitivity to minimum (=1), so I can turn with the right-stick and use my head to look up and down. But many times the game takes control of the camera to point your eyes down to look at some object of interest, and leaves you looking down at an angle, so you have to be able to pan your view back to horizontal quite often. It would be nice to have a button to “reset view to horizon”.

    4. It’s hard to use hacking skills, as I have to use edge-peek to see the HUD, then when I move my head to read the HUD I’m no longer aiming at the in-game device I’m trying to hack. It would be really useful if there was an option to toggle off headset aiming while using edge peek, so I could move my head to look around at my HUD and control the aim reticle only with the controller joystick.

    5. With RTX3080 I’m using “great” resolution, and I found I could turn the graphics settings mostly up to high, and with ray-tracing turned on, without much change to framerate. But ray-traced lighting caused the windshield of my car to sometimes become opaque so I turned off lighting but kept reflections and shadows.

    6. I have DLSS set to “auto” so I’m not sure if it’s doing anything, or helping?

    7. In vorpX settings, my “cap framerate” has to be turned on and set to 66 or 75%. If it’s turned off, or set any lower, then everything gets very jumpy. Perhaps related to that, in-game video settings I have monitor vsync set to 60 Hz. This combination runs pretty smooth, but if I change either of those settings it’s immediately unplayable.

    8. Somethings seems broken in the inventory screens? I think when you hover over a new weapon, it’s supposed to pop up stats, and compare with your currently equipped weapon? None of that happens for me. Once when I first open my inventory, when I hover over a weapon, 2 text boxes pop up, but one box is only visible to my left eye, and the other to my right eye — I can close one eye at a time to try to read them. But if I move the cursor then the pop-up boxes disappear, and never reappear for that or any other weapon in my inventory. <shrug>


    Not sure if I’d consider scaling the HUD up good advice. With a scaled HUD hacking etc. works perfectly well without having to switch to EdgePeek mode. Might make more sense to customize the HUD instead if you dislike how it works when scaled. You can turn some stuff off in the game options, and for total control over what is displayed under which conditions there is a mod named ‘Limited HUD’.

    DLSS does something on auto. However, my personal recommendation would be to go without DLSS and raytracing. While occasionally raytracing can look awesome in the game for sure, the crisper image without DLSS IMO has the greater overall benefit. That’s fairly subjective though, of course.

    The framerate cap is better left on indeed. Makes it easier to run the headset render thread at max speed, which is important for the best possible frame interpolation.


    I’ve taken your advice and turned off DLSS and raytracing; I agree that highest resolution and stable framerates are paramount.

    Any insight on my inventory-screen problem? I can’t see any item stats, which is a pretty significant hindrance — this is now my biggest obstacle to completing a playthrough in VR. Is this just me? Is everyone else able to hover over any item in their inventory and see the pop-up window with item stats?

    Regarding the HUD, maybe it’s the lens in my Reverb G2 with it’s notorious “sweet spot” towards the center (or maybe I just have lousy peripheral vision?) but in order to actually see all the HUD clearly I need to scale it to about 0.35, and at that size it’s too low-resolution to read it. I also find the loot icons very distracting when they’re not accurately placed, but I think your mod suggestion could turn those off, which would solve that problem.

    I’ll add my vote for preferring head-aiming when aiming guns, if it’s technical feasible. I can’t aim with the stick to save my life, and aim assist has to be off to prevent horrible judder when moving while locked on to a target. Also I have the vertical sensitivity turned way down on my right stick so I don’t keep moving my view up and down when I’m trying to turn. So for now I just shoot everything from the hip. My V is a pretty lousy shot!


    Inventory item descriptions/tooltips positioning appears to be borked at non-wide resolutions with or without the mod. The game always shows the inventory screen in 16:9, but apparently doesn’t consider the black bars it adds to that screen when it calculates the description positions, that’s my guess at least. Seemingly noone at CD Projekt Red ever really tried a non-wide resolution… I’ll see whether I can do something about that, but can’t promise anything. You can work around that by setting a 16:9 res manually, but that’s not a good solution, since that way many pixels have to be rendered that will never show up in the headset.

    HUD wise I’d say it’s best to leave the size at 0.5 as per default. That’s how I play it here. To gather the most important info like your health status or the position on the minimap you can glance into the corners, which works fine regardless of HUD corners being within the lenses sweetspot or not. And if I occasionally need a closer look at something, I briefly switch to EdgePeek. Happens rarely (read: almost never) for me though.


    I can’t aim with the stick to save my life, and aim assist has to be off to prevent horrible judder when moving while locked on to a target. Also I have the vertical sensitivity turned way down on my right stick so I don’t keep moving my view up and down when I’m trying to turn.

    Good Idea about turning down the y sensitivity, I didn’t know you could do that. In Full VR there’s literally no reason to have to move the y axis when you should be looking around with your neck.

    For me, anytime the camera isnt locked straight ahead its a one way trip to barf town. So I find myself very carefully trying to only move the view left and right.

    I did find a solution potentially to the problem.

    I hooked up a dual shock 5( 4 would also work)

    using DS4Windows I set the DS5 to emulate a xbox controller. The default profile is mapped one to one with an xbox controller. I created a secondary profile called Vorpx and assigned it to the Cyberpunk2077.exe so that it loads automatically when the gane runs.
    On the Vorox profile , I have unmapped the RY up and down axis so no more accidental vertical camera movement and I set the built in gyroscope set as a mouse which is only active when I push the Left trigger (L2)

    This allows me to aim with the gyro when aimimg down the sights which is far more accurate and intuitive than using the stick. ( It kind of feels like you are actually aimimg the gun with motion controls)

    An alternative to this set up if you dont like gyro aimimg is.

    under special actions tab add an action to L2 to trigger a temporary profile change to default which will switch back to the Vorox profile when you release the trigger. If you recall the Vorpx profile I unmapped the RY axis but when aiming down the sight this restores the RY mapping of the default profile.

    To get the view straight again after aiming you can do it before you let go of aim. Or even better I have the touchpad in the center set up as a mouse trackpad so I can quickly adjust it with a swipe. This is very useful when the game decides to tilt your view to look at something.

    @Ralf I know you have a vorpx option to disabke the Y in normal vorpx but I tried it and it doesn’t work.

    Woukd it not be possibke to add an option under input settings to have a similar functionality as I described above since you’re emulating tje xbox controller anyway? Just dont map the RY axis unless you push a button of your choosing?

    Obviously it would probably be impossible to do this with the gamepad because you probably aren’t emulating a real controllers xinput.

    Edit: If the game you try this with actually supports the Direct Input controller you are using you can use the Ds4windows option to hide the original controller from windows.


    My textures are missing, even at lowest graphic details and textures, DLSS off, RTX off, Resolution ok-ish, FOV 0.00 (121), Zoom 90% and No mods

    If i configure the FOV to -05.00 (116), than the texture will be loaded correct.

    Any advice ?


    @ Lawrence:

    Please try to reset everything to default by reinstalling the mod. Might be related to you tinkering with Zoom/FOV settings. Please don’t. Also as always: if you have other mods installed, try without. If you have a mod installed that affects the camera in any way, it may (probably will) break things.

    @ drowhunter:

    My first shot at a decent pitch lock was a miss yesterday unfortunatly. I’d rather do that by directly manipulating the camera than by messing with input. That’s always better. Unfortunately more complex in case of this mod than it is for games where rotation is handled via the DirectVR memory scanner. I’ll try again later and if all fails I’ll check how well messing with input works.

    @ all:

    Good news re head aiming for ADS: I was able to crack that one earlier today. I’ll do a few more tests and some finetuning and upload an update with head aim ADS Sunday.



    Thank you for the Cyberpunk VR Mod & Happy Holidays to all.


    Brilliant news regarding head aiming, great work Ralf!


    I have a question, too regarding my installation. I have an RX480 and i5 6300 @3.2 GHz / 16GB RAM and try to run it on an Oculus Quest 2.

    After installation with nothing changed, v-sync is off, I only see a screen in a virtual room and IDK what to do, it’s not 3D, head movements are not tracked and everything is just veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slow. haha. I guess my hardware is not enough for this mod, right?

    In 2001 I made my own VR headset from a TV-Glass combined with a IR headtracker I had to mount on the monitor and then played unreal turnament and even this was faster. Ah damnm. I hope I am just doing something wrong here. Problem is all these settings doesn’t tell me anything. I Guess I need to do some additional research.

    Also should I turn off the Guardian?

    However, thanks in advance and Happy new year, und guten Rutsch! Whoop!!


    Hi all , happy new year !!!
    Thanks a lot for the mod Ralf, i’m really enjoying it!! This game is a Blast in Full Vr.


    happy new year :)


    @ all

    Happy New Year!

    @ xtraa

    Is your Cyberpunk 2077 up-to-date (1.31)? With an older game version the mod would behave that way. Your PC indeed is not really strong enough unfortnately though. :( For an enjoyable experience you need a GTX1080/5700XT and to make it look really good a current highend PC is heavily recommended.

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