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    Anyone using Pimax 8KX with Starfield yet? Can’t seem to figure out the correct resolution to set the game up with.


    Any news on when can we expect an official profile?


    I’m hoping we can get one soon, been playing Starfield the last few days, really enjoying it, the cities, planets, animals, ships etc look fantastic and i can’t help imagine how great it would be to wander around these places and see it all in VR.


    @ spinfusor

    What resolution do you set in other First Person games, and what are your hardware specs ?


    Please don’t annoy Ralf with the release, he is a workaholic but not a Warlock.
    I did it many times in the past for other games, but without success. The more time he spends on the forum, as longer it takes. If you want it faster, please help here in the forum to answer the questions of the newer vorpx members !


    Right. Release date is as always the good old ‘when it’s done’. Not because release-questions annoy me though. I’d have the same question on my mind in your place.

    I simply had to postpone stuff too often in the early vorpX days. Better to keep quiet until I’m 100% certain. Less hectic releases for me, less disappointments due to missed deadlines for you guys.

    In the same vein: please keep in mind that a number of sentences in my post(s) above related to advanced features started with “If things turn out like in older Bethesda RPGs…”. :)


    Right. Release date is as always the good old ‘when it’s done’.

    It’s fine, I was asking more of a “days/weeks/months” expectation, not a specific date or any promises. And of course I realise that you can’t know for certain, and things can always get delayed. I’m an IT pro myself, I know how it works. It’s just that if the release is imminent, I’d rather pause my game for a few days and wait until we have the profile, but if I’d have to wait for weeks, I will keep playing with what I have now. That’s the only reason I was asking – not to rush you in any way, or hold you responsible if the profile is not ready when you say it would be.

    it would be to wander around these places and see it all in VR.

    It already works with Alpha v2 profile, or I recommend my profile based on that that’s a bit extended with gestures and more key mappings. It looks amazing in VR! I wouldn’t play pancake at all, even considering the unofficial profile. For me, the main problems are in the space combat. I want to use joystick through gamepad emulator and while it works, it’s not good. I tried disabling “gamepad override” which was on, and I think it was better but then I got some glitched taking back control with VR controllers. Maybe because joystick was not zeroed precisely. I also sometimes have weird DLSS artifacts at top of the screen (in VR view only), and lo-poly weapons bug that appears and disappears randomly, but I think it’s not related to VorpX, I see it on display view too.


    Haven’t really used VorpX for other games. Just want to get Starfield going.

    Running a GTX4090 and latest intel proc.


    You can already use a user profile. The official one will need less manual setup and come with additional features, but as far as I understand in general the user profile should work fine. Haven’t tried it yet though. Make sure to check the instructions that the profile author provided.

    User profiles can be downloaded in the config app under ‘cloud profiles’.


    @roman, is your profile full vr or the sbs 3d? Apologies, a bit new to the software.


    Thanks Ralf. Using the user profile I’m getting a 4×3 image in the headset. Can you suggest a widescreen res for Pimax?


    I see. You may want to try a 16:10 res above 1440p for a Pimax headset. Might affect the field of view you have to set! That’s one of the things the user profile can’t do automatically, but the official one will. Keep in mind that the wider FOV will probably have an impact on performance.


    @roman, is your profile full vr or the sbs 3d? Apologies, a bit new to the software.

    My profile is full VR. It’s based on Alpha v2, but has different mappings – more buttons added, and has gestures working (aiming, throwing grenades etc.) I’m new to VorpX too, bought it specifically for Starfield, and I have no regrets (so far). I’m not even sure I uploaded it correctly to Cloud, so if you see gestures configured/working, it’s OK. Follow Alpha v2 installation instructions, they work.

    FOV for Reverb G2 (WMR) is 130. I use in-game resolution of 3056×3060, and have the same resolution added to VorpX virtual monitor resolutions.

    Here’s the StarfieldPrefs.ini settings that I’m using. With RTX4090 / 7950X3D I have 45fps walking in New Atlantis. It’s borderline, but mostly holding on 45, which is a must for WMR Motion Reprojection to do a good job.

    bFull Screen=0
    iSize H=3056
    iSize W=3060
    iLocation Y=0
    iLocation X=383

    I also have OpenXR Toolkit layer that I have CAS sharpening on max I think. The game looks fantastic and very sharp. VorpX has sharpening too, which you can try using as well, but it’s easy to oversharpen. Maybe with DLSS replacement mod it’s a good idea to use it, especially if you don’t have OpenXR Toolking sharpening running.

    I think I found a solution for a huge bug: when FOV is above 100 (and we need 130 for VorpX), weapons in your hand load as a crappy low-poly LOD versions and look awful – not all the time, but about half of the time, occasionally fixing itself and breaking after dialogs again. I found a mod made for widescreen FOV called “SFSE – Weapon Model FOV setter”. It uncouples hand+weapon FOV from main FOV and resets it after dialogs apparently. I tried loading a save and it worked, the weapons were fixed. Haven’t played with it, so not sure it fixes the bug, but people say it does. You have to keep weapon FOV at 100, if you go above, you get the low-poly bug. That’s what this mode does.


    perfection takes time


    I just read on dsogaming that a patch is coming with FOV slider, that should help improve the profiles.

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