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    Update 2018/12/15

    vorpX has been released. This (hopefully) concludes the series of fixes related to issues with the most recent SteamVR version.


    • Improvements for WMR headsets related to issues with most recent SteamVR.
    • Fallout 76: FOV did not work since the game got official FOV change support.
    • OpenVR updated to 1.1.3b

    Update 2018/12/09

    vorpX has been released. This hotfix addresses the SteamVR head tracking swim/latency introduced with yesterday’s update. No other changes.

    Update 2018/12/08

    vorpX 18.3.2 has been released. This is a maintenance release mainly addressing frequent frame judder in SteamVR mode after the latest SteamVR update.

    In addition to that some related changes originally intended for vorpX 19.1.0 have been backported to 18.3.2, most notably support for Motion Smoothing (SteamVR), respectively Asynchronous Space Warp (Oculus). vorpX 19.1.0 is still on track for a pre-Christmas release.


    • SteamVR: Fix for frequent judder below 90fps with recent SteamVR versions.
    • SteamVR/Oculus: Motion Smoothing/Asynchronous Space Warp support.
    • SteamVR: Supersampling <1.0 is now taken into account (only important for Pimax 5k/8k).
    • Oculus: Crystal Image setting takes user set super sampling into account.
    • D3D11: several multithreading fixes and improvements
    • The Witcher: better Geometry 3D profile, Z3D parameters tweaked
    • The Witcher 2: G3D did not work anymore, Z3D parameters tweaked
    • GTA V: scalable HUD added

    Update 2018/11/15

    vorpX 18.3.1 has been released. This is a maintenance release that mainly adds support for Fallout 76. The profile is a fully featured DirectVR profile with everything DirectVR can do in the best case including automatic resolution, FOV (two methods) and basic roomscale.

    Additionally minor issues with the program itself and other profiles have been fixed.

    In case anyone wonders: the Frostbite engine G3D support that sparked a bit of interest recently is still in development and will be made available with the next larger update 19.1.0 before the end of the year.

    New profiles:

    • Fallout 76: G3D/Z3D, full VR, DirectVR: head tracking, resolution, FOV, tweaks


    • Effects that look bad in VR (e.g. DOF blur) can also be disabled with Z3D.
    • DirectVR scanner could time out with large scans in low memory situations.
    • DirectVR menu page didn’t behave correctly if both memory scan FOV and .ini edit FOV are available.
    • FOV scan was run despite .ini edit FOV being selected if both are available.
    • Fixed an occasional G3D crash in Fallout 76 (and maybe other DX11 games).
    • Arma III: DirectVR FOV was slightly too high.
    • The Witcher 3: some objects were rendered at wrong depth.
    • Crysis 3: reflections fixed, effect fixes.
    • Fallout 4: minor gun decals and fire glitches fixed.

    Update 2018/10/25

    vorpX has been released. This is a hotfix that addresses the issue below. No other changes.

    • Black textures with Z3D in some D3D11 games (18.3.0 regression)

    vorpX 18.3.0 released

    After four maintenance releases for the 18.2 branch it’s finally time for a slightly bigger release with a bit of feature refinement and also more and enhanced game profiles. Most notable additions are: Dark Souls Remastered, Monster Hunter World, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.

    Experienced users can now create much better custom profiles by defining HUD/shadow etc. shaders.

    For details please check this blog post.


    My hitting refresh on this page every 15 minutes has paid off! First comment!
    Awesome work Ralf! AC:Odyssey here we come!


    Woohoo! Let’s go! Thanks a bunch.


    thaaaank you ralph!

    i love vorpx!


    I’m so grateful that vorpx exists. Thanks


    Nice to see Divinity G3D in there too! That should be interesting. Going to check that out later for sure.


    Great update Ralf! So how about Bioshock 2 now, is it working, or did the Remastered version got fixed?


    No dice yet. You can find the full changelog here.


    Just about to dive hard into Odyssey, but did a bit of profiles testing first and I’ve discovered a couple things so far.

    Image zoom seems to have been loosened some for Fullvr mode, whereby now many of my former custom profiles seem to be zoomed in too close by ~0.10 points. Say I had set something like 0.88 for fov purposes, now would need to be lowered to ~0.78 to correct.

    Not sure if this was intentional, but could potentially cause a problem for existing profiles already on the cloud.

    Another brief thing I noticed was Z-normal having some trouble with texture loading in a couple games I tried (Far Cry 5 and War of Rights) that did not have this problem before. Like all black textures, or very low res textures.

    Strangely, If i switched to G3D the textures load in. But back to Z3D, and they go black again. Some heavy changes made to the way dx11 Z3D works now?

    Any thoughts on why this could be happening?

    War of Rights is a game I’d like to introduce as an immersive vorpX experience, later this year when it releases in Early Access. Over the summer’s Alpha phase, I’ve had it successfully running Z3D on the Kingdom Come Deliverance profile. Now it’s all black textures. I know KCD got an update fix, could this be related? If so, is there an option to revive the old method, or provide a CryEngine 5 profile alternative?

    Still need to test some more games, but pretty anxious to play some Odyssey tonight :)

    Oh and the Shader Authoring looks neat, only fooled around with it for a minute, realizing I have some new stuff to learn haha. Thanks again Ralf!


    I’ll add a couple things to Dellrifters’s notes. I managed to play a few hours of Odyssey so far. Absolutely gorgeous game.

    1) Not sure if its the ZNormal profile, or what, but changing the 3D strength doesn’t change much visually. I can’t remember if its supposed to on Z3D games or not. Its fine how it is, but I usually like a lot of 3D effect and I usually set it high.

    2) Played it for a bit, and it works great, but when after an hour I decided to upgrade my drivers to the latest (398->416 I think), and the performance just tanked in VorpX to the point of it not being playable. Huge judder on my 1080ti when turning my head even the slightest. I rolled back the drivers and its OK again. Possibly not related to VorpX, but thought I’d mention it just in case.

    In any case, loving it so far.


    @ dborosev: if by more 3D effect you mean a deeper distance, you can fiddle with the weighting and focal distance sliders right below the strength.

    When you start to push the weighting too high though it will start to look like a layered popup book.

    My preference is to max strength to 3.00, keep a low focal distance (to keep scale looking as big as possible) somewhere between 1-5, then inch up the depth weighting right until things start looking like layer cutouts. For Odyssey right now, mine is somewhere around 40.

    I’ve upped the ini FOV to 146 though, and zoomed the image out some for better resolution utilization. So you may need to push those values even higher to get a stronger effect.

    Play around with it some until you find a balance between how large you want the scale to feel vs how deep you want the world to look. I find it fun anyway.

    p.s. I’ve read to stay away from the latest drivers for Odyssey as well, its a common problem on steam forum. Gating performance to encourage RTX sales? Skeptical minds might wonder.


    Thanks Dellrifter. I thought I’d fiddled with all the settings, but I’ll play around some more given your explanation. I’m probably just not using them together correctly.


    what does native 3D mean? how does this differ from geometry 3D.


    Tomb raider has built in SBS 3D, which is pretty much the same as G3D. VorpX uses this built in 3D.


    ah, can the same thing not be done with crysis 2/3 built in 3D, or was that built in 3D a cheap z-buffer.

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