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    Tried the poor mans VR method….eh it wasn’t fun to me.
    Hopefully VR comes soon….I can’t play it on a monitor

    in reply to: Upgrade to Rift s #188666

    I just grabbed a Rift S also..not a graphical upgrade coming from a Samsung Oddysey Plus though but tracking and performance is better

    in reply to: GTA V – Official Recommendation #188634

    @ skubi007 :

    I just took a look at that facebook group you linked. What’s said there is flatout untrue. vorpX offers multiple ways to deal with FOV.

    Not all are perfect, but you can always deal with the issue one way or the other. There is a whole help section (“Essential Hints Guide”) that explains the various options you have in that regard. You can also find that here:

    In short:

    – For more than 150 games vorpX can adjust the FOV automatically to your headset, either by auto editing ini files or by directly manipulating the game memory. In other words: whenever possible vorpX handles the matter in a perfect manner.

    – If that is not possible or a game is unsupported and there is no way to adjust its FOV manually, a workaround is available with vorpX’s image zoom option at the expense of black top/bottom bars.

    You can find more detailed information regarding the matter in the aforementioned guide in the help.

    If you have any further questions regarding the matter, let me know.

    @ blueshark:

    I’m obviously biased, but vorpX used together with this GTA mod is still the better way to play GTA V. The standalone mod has no controller support and uses alternate eye rendering for creating 3D, i.e. only one eye gets rendered each frame. vorpX used to do that in its (very) early stages because it’s relatively simple, but compared to a more advanced G3D implementation the method has severe drawbacks since each eye is rendered at a different time, causing odd, potentially dizzying, artifacts with anything that doesn’t stand still.

    I was more interested in how the in car scale compared to VorpX.
    The thing I dislike about your GTAV profile is sitting in vehicles doesnt feel immersive like they do in Assetto Corsa or PCARS2 in VR. Its hard to explain something is just off scale and feel wise when driving cars in first person.

    in reply to: GTA V – Official Recommendation #188607

    Us WMR users already have built in screenshot/video recorder in hardware


    Well of course stereoscopic 3D and Direct VR FOV with tracking are gonna eat some performance.
    Stereoscopic alone is the native resolution x2, 3D requires firepower period!!!
    VorpX still eats less fps than my 3D Vision setup.
    And please don’t use GTAV as any sort of benchmark…the game just isn’t optimized nor meant for VR nor 3D Vision really.

    I’m running on a beefy 1080ti/8700k combo though

    in reply to: Still no form of demo / trial ? #184818

    Gonna put this to as blunt as possible…
    I bought VorpX in 2015 for $40.
    Best $40 I ever spent….here I am playing Metro Exodus in 2019.
    Meanwhile I bought 2d pancake Skyrim for $60 in 2011 and payed $60 again for the VR version of it last year.
    Either you can sit and ponder spending $40 waiting on game devs to make VR versions of your favorite AAA PC titles or you can buy VorpX and get the closest to native VR experience out of such titles.
    Do the math bro……

    in reply to: Describe difference between Z3D and G3D #184455

    g3d is like real VR experience, Z3D is more like nvidia 3D glasses experience (but it’s been a long time since i sold my 3D nvidia screen).

    Ummm no…

    in reply to: GTA V – Official Recommendation #184239

    What is the best GTAV cloud profile????

    in reply to: EAC – Email from Support Team #184168

    The current information to share regarding the matter is that it hangs on my end and that *probably* (meaning likely, yet not 100% certain) it will happen in the not too distant future.

    I understand that you guys always would like to know every detail, I would too. 🙂 However, the only real alternative for me to saying something like the above about things in the making would be not to say anything at all. Thanks for your understanding.

    I wish Daybreak Games would white list VorpX injection in Planetside 2 from thier anti cheat software. I’m quite sure the answer would be a big NO.
    This was one of my most amazing VR FPS experiences ever.

    Heres a good read on it


    I made an announcement a while ago in the geforce forums about the vorpX shader tools but got no response. Even my announcement that some helixmod shaderfixed are compatible with vorpx strangely didnt raise much interest.

    Ralf those fools in the 3D Vision forums talk so much crap about your product and haven’t even bought it. I wouldn’t do anything for those fools.
    Some of us are over there constantly defending VorpX from straight up lies of you being a scammer.
    Those are some of the most bitter biggest haters of VorpX and VR in general.

    Nobody in the Nvidia 3D Vision forum is talking crap about the product.

    I’m active on the 3D Vision forum and yes I own VorpX.

    Its a little too late for this i’ve stood by what i’ve encountered and the actual issues I’ve stated were indeed a real thing and manifested again for Ralf to see.
    Ralf has witnessed it first hand what I was getting at surprisingly A week later after my post. I just can’t make things up out of thin air and they magically manifest a week later to be confronted as the actual real truth you know;)
    So as far as validity it was obviously proven to be true.
    So two things… I’m a long time 3D Vision forum member my post was indeed valid thats been proven even after the fact of the time I posted here.
    Secondly as a pretty much day one VorpX supporter Ralf knows where my heart was with the issue and now things are cleared up and we can move on from the negativity.
    Both these places are my home I don’t sugarcoat anything nor do i have to pick sides when it comes to defending and looking out for someone I see as a solid individual of integrity.
    This is now no longer an issue and no longer needs to be discussed.

    To Ralf
    Thanks for the solid VorpX update!
    As a user I’m bombarded with atleast 2 or 3 VR users a week on various social platforms outside of this community asking me about my VorpX experience.
    I will still continue to correct and educate potential customers with the truth and nothing but the truth from my actual personal experience with VorpX. Its the least i can do as a member of this community.


    in reply to: resolution managment ??? #184046

    You can also disable auto resolution on the DirectVR page of the vorpX menu, directly above the option that let’s you choose the quality.

    It makes usually sense to leave it on though if available since vorpX can pick the best aspect ratio to avoid unnecessary rendering overhead.

    Can you edit your resolution sticky thread an add the new 2400p resolution.
    For all 3 formats?
    That would help alot of people.

    Custom Resolutions for the Direct VR Settings Optimizer

    in reply to: vorpX 19.2.0 Release Date and Changes #184044

    closer immersive mode/cinema mode is really amazing, now it’s like i’m playing full Vr mode but with ability to still see the hud somehow without scaling it at all 😀

    but yeah, i need a new comp to run metro exodus in G3D, my 5820k 4.4 with gtx 1080 gtx is not enough even on medium 1920*1080 res.

    I get a huge performance increase turning off headtracking
    I’m also running a 1080ti/8700k both OC’d to the max

    in reply to: vorpX 19.2.0 Release Date and Changes #184042

    Thanks so much Ralf for the 2400p!!!!!!!!!!

    in reply to: vorpX 19.2.0 Release Date and Changes #183852

    Just a heads-up that open spaces in the game are *very* demanding. For comfortable framerates with G3D a current top-of-the-line GPU is a must. Luckily Z3D looks almost indistinguishable except for very close objects, so mid-range GPUs also work.

    Hope my 1080ti/8700k are enoguh

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