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    Thank you for the wonderful Christmas present!
    I’m really looking forward to playing my favorite games with gesture control.
    I want to enjoy driving in GTA5, my favorite game from a while ago.
    However, when I tried to get out of the car, it stuck to the roof and I couldn’t get out.
    I know you are busy, but I would like to ask you to take care of this matter after Ralph’s vacation is over.

    in reply to: Ghostwire Tokyo how to Settings #218268

    Nice to meet you!
    I started GhostWireTokyo using Luka2099’s profile,on Halloween 2023.
    I want to improve image quality and FPS using ValveIndex, Ryzen5900, and RadeonRX6800, but it doesn’t work.
    I increased the graphics settings of the game, the image settings of VorpX, and the refresh rate of SreamVR, but the roughness and stuttering still remained, but when I checked with the OVR Toolkit, the GPU usage rate was around 50% at 90FPS.
    When using VorpX, not just GhostWireTokyo, in what order or what items should I pay attention to in order to improve performance?
    I would like to hear opinions from VorpX enthusiasts.

    I apologize for my poor English skills.
    From a Japanese VorpX enthusiast,Marozaki.

    in reply to: vorpX 23.1.0 BETA #218229

    I played GTA5 in the beta version.
    Gestures were perfect for driving and shooting, but they had the following problems.

    ・Even when I get out of the car, the viewpoint cannot be moved from the top of the car.
    ・Because the HUD size is 0.40, the GPS and route layers are displayed out of sync.
    ・Edge peek becomes impossible and a bug occurs where you take out your phone.

    I have high expectations for the future of vorpX.

    in reply to: Cyberpunk VR Update Thread #216823

    Mr Ralph, thank you for your prompt response.
    I’m sorry to bother you when you’re busy, but thank you for your kind support.
    I want to enjoy the improved VorpX mod.

    in reply to: Cyberpunk VR Update Thread #216802

    thank you for always.
    A Japanese fan who has been using VorpX for several years.
    I started playing using VRMOD a few days ago, but I can’t change the HUD size in the image settings.
    I use ValveIndex and Radeon RX6800 and choose Great for image quality.
    Even when increased or decreased from the default 0.5, the actual HUD size remains fixed and cut off in the corners of the field of view.
    Therefore, the edge peak screen is used a lot to check the map and quests, so the sense of immersion is lost.
    I installed the CET mod using Vortex and tried reinstalling.
    Am I missing some setting to lock the HUD size?
    Or will this issue continue until the update?

    I feel that Mr. Ralph’s VorpX is a very good software, so I’m looking forward to playing with motion control in GTA5 and RDR2, just like Cyberpunk.

    Marozaki (using Google Translate)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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