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    thank you very much for this profile

    i tried adding the coj_dx10.exe to this profile’s process list and could not get vorpx to start with it, or when i renamed coj_dx10.exe to coj.exe

    and i tried alternate hooking method and also installing the helper when attaching timed out

    if there’s no way to get it working with the dx10 version that’s fine i was just wondering if you knew a way to try it

    in reply to: G3D/DirectVR: Judder and Stutter most games #216799

    hi and thanks for the response

    with all respect what surprises me is that with vorpx being in development for more than a decade that the help section seems very generalized and abstract. there are user-maintained wikis and reddits for all kind of programs and games and tech that are more specific and technical. i have followed 3dvision-fix development and for example in that field you can read about specific shader problems and settings only accessible through nvidia profile inspector or the windows registry, meanwhile for vorpx if i go into the Z3D/G3D editor modes there is nothing but trial and error to guide me.

    in your development of vorpx have you ever encountered ghosting and stuttering unrelated to PC specs or running services/programs? was this like unheard of until i had this problem? what is surprising is that there isn’t already specific help for the exact problems i’ve had.

    unfortunately it sounds like somehow this thread got onto the track of looking at this as a problem with my pc’s rendering performance, i don’t know how when i’ve been so careful to mention repeatedly that the issue isn’t frames per second. whatever problem is going on has more to do with how vorpx is working than how my computer is working. native openxr and steamvr games at super high settings without either stuttering or ghosting. like with my other posts in this forum i get the feeling they’re not even being read. i half expect a helpful “microsoft tech representative” to show up and tell me to run troubleshooting command.exe prompts.

    i have tweaked my games and system for the best performance, and in the game with the worst stutter i’ve had so far (homefront 2011) i have also tried playing it at a super low resolution and there was no difference in the suttering problem.

    my OS is win 10 64 Pro setup using NTLite to strip out all possible slowdowns and services, for an esports gaming pc. i take the same approach to things like overlays and all other programs mentioned in the troubleshooting guide. nothing has ever been installed that would cause any kind of lag or get in the way of the cpu/ram/usb. there was never a single byte of onedrive or skype on this system.

    i run at 1:1 bus-to-ram speeds to eliminate all forms of stuttering. this system is tuned so tight that i don’t have all my USB devices running, don’t have unnecessary services like printers even installed, and my e-cores are disabled to achieve full ring bus speed on the remaining 8 p-cores which have had all c-states disabled except for the several required for the low-core-usage turboboost to kick in. anything i don’t use is totally disabled both in bios and on a driver level through control panel.

    i don’t expect every single game i try with vorpx to work perfectly but when i have tons more problems with specific games than other users with lesser PCs report, and when i have specific problems that nobody else mentions, obviously vorpx is not working as intended on my system. and im sorry but even after your reply here (which i appreciate) i still feel entitled to more help.

    in reply to: G3D/DirectVR: Judder and Stutter most games #216796

    i read about motion reprojecting and the ghosting that causes, although i have all motion reprojection settings off in all possible settings of all programs, the image quality problem sounds like it must look pretty similar, just to give you some idea of what the problem looks like.

    should’ve just started by mentioning ghosting i guess but right before posting, the last game i tried had the stutter problem and was particularly bothersome, got my post on a sidetrack i guess…although both problems are bad and totally inexplicable

    the stuttering game i just mentioned is from 2011 and people were playing it through vorpx on like geforce 980s and 1060s so whatever

    in reply to: Call a DX7/8/9 game thats not been fixed yet #216795

    thank you rjk for all your profiles, great work!

    there are lots of obscure and forgotten games from the glide/DX6/DX7 days that would be great to play in 3D

    i still havent gotten my hmd working quite right with vorpx but once i do it would be great to be able to play more old flight sims

    microsoft combat flight sim 2 and 3
    crimson skies
    jane’s fighters games
    f-22 lightning 3
    red baron 3d
    airfix dogfighter
    over flanders fields (MSCFS3 mod, not sure what renderer it uses now)
    starlancer (and other old space sims)


    silent storm (tactical rpg)
    early combat missions series (turnbased war strategy)
    omikron the nomad soul

    the list could go on forever lol

    the only other thing is one day it would be great to play in vorpx 3D even DOS Glide games through DGVoodoo+DOSBox (obviously not the point of this thread so i wont name those too)

    in reply to: Far Cry 6 in Geometry 3D? #216772

    im still trying to G3D my way up through all the Far Crys so i havent gotten to 6 yet

    just trying to offer one advice on however you get it working: be sure to get a disable TAA mod or use different AA options if it has any, that stuff takes like %80 off any HMD’s perceived resolution

    in reply to: G3D/DirectVR: Judder and Stutter most games #216771

    cant edit last post to add this other note i should’ve mentioned earlier:

    the biggest problem is ghosting (which is obviously different from judder/stutter and that’s a problem with a couple games but it’s secondary)

    i dont expect help anymore but to try to describe it anyway, Z3D/2D looks how the game should look, G3D on the DX3d-9 games I’ve tried looks like a decent plasma tv with a little acceptable motion blur, G3D on DX11/12 looks like TAA plus a cheap LCD TV…but only when something moves across the view quickly, otherwise it’s perfect high-fps clarity. and yeah obv in-game motion blur is off ofc.

    in reply to: vorpX 23.1.0 BETA #216770

    has anyone else had a problem where right clicking the vorpx tray icon and selecting “start vorpx desktop viewer” doesn’t do anything? just nothing at all happens.

    before the beta version it worked, now nothing changes on my hmd display or my monitor.

    in reply to: G3D/DirectVR: Judder and Stutter most games #216769

    this post isnt a reply, i’m adding some more observations and bumping for help. if i posted in someone’s thread and they let me know my views weren’t wanted i wouldn’t keep posting there.

    it seems like G3D has less judder the lower the direct3d version is, for example i get a lot less with warband and oblivion (both dx 9) than i do with other games that are 11/12 directx.

    there are tons of differences with how d3d less-than-10 work compared to recent directx versions for stereoscopic 3d, if vorpx uses any of the same tech as 3dvisionfixes or related software. most people wouldnt know or care about that stuff but if there is some relation between the methods used by vorpx and any 3dvision-based tech, then the series of video card used versus the version of directx used can cause all kinds of problems. until recently tons of 3d fixes needed a 2000 series card or earlier in order to work with certain direct3d versions.

    tons of 3d stereoscopic software got ditched from nvidia drivers with the launch of the 3000 series so it’s a reasonable concern that vorpx, which was created before that series, might have had to include fixes for newer tech and there’s something not working right between my particular model of card, my drivers, newer direct3d releases and the current vorpx version.

    in reply to: Just Cause 2 #216734

    just tried the just cause 2 official profile

    steam tries to start the game, it goes “not responding” for a few seconds, then crashes.

    in reply to: Homefront #216732

    hi and thanks for making this profile
    the 3d effect is good

    one problem though is that full vr mode has no headlook function, so no matter how you turn your head the view doesnt move at all, only moving the mouse moves the view.

    also what ratio should the resolution be for this profile? vorpx says to use 4:3/5:4 but some profiles say you have to use 16:9, this one doesn’t mention?

    in reply to: Please stop uploading non G-3d titles! #216667

    also if you make g3d profiles better than official ones please upload those to user profiles thanks!

    in reply to: Ace Combat 7 profiles and G3D #216595

    hm ok in the new vorpx beta the behavior changes here –

    now the alternative UE4 engine profile I was using doesn’t get any 3d effect!

    the threads online about vorpx and this game are kind of nuts, like in the same thread you’ll have one post saying it will make plane view 3d but not in-cockpit 3d, while another person says they still don’t get 3d at all and it’s just for headtracking, etc.

    so forget the profile combining stuff, now i just want to find a profile for real 3d.

    UE4 is a popular engine and some other UE4 games have G3D support, so i know we’ll find one that works eventually.

    don’t waste your time on the cloud profiles unless you only want a controller/headtracking setting, they don’t help with 3d.

    so far i have found this info on other UE4 profiles:

    1)VAMPYR -gives 3d effect but only when there’s an additional effect like explosions or icing

    2)Conarium -default G3D gave modest 3d effect in nonbeta of Vorpx, now it doesn’t do anything except make game run slower, just like the cloud profiles listed as G3d.

    also in both G3D Conarium and Z-Adaptive using the latest cloud profile (which strangely lists itself as G3d) you get a definite 3d effect when you’ve selected your plane, started the sortie, and it pulls forwards from the hangar to launch….but then seconds later, in flight, 3d shuts off


    couldnt edit post so just adding here:

    openxr has its own global (not game specific) resolution scaling setting but it has glitches and compatibility issues compared to the other methods listed in my first post, so i dont consider it a good option

    in reply to: vorpX 23.1.0 BETA #216592

    just to be really specific so i can get help:

    start windows wmr portal

    wmr portal loads then reports good then headset displays wmr home place.
    right click vorpx icon in bottom right of screen using mouse and real physical monitor .
    select start vorpx desktopview, left click using mouse.
    the menu you get by right-clicking on the vorpx disappears, as you would expect, then nothing else happens.
    there is no difference in the headset display of wmr portal home place.
    it worked with the nonbeta version so yes obviously i have the microsoft store “openxr for wmr” installed.

    so no matter how many times i try to start the desktopview it does not open.
    normal vorpx through attachment continues to work with games that have profiles though.

    for additional info please check my original post

    in reply to: vorpX 23.1.0 BETA #216591

    Auto enabling the virtual monitor by switching off the actual display only works for monitors that Windows can detect as on or off (probably only monitors connected via Display Port).

    For enabling it via putting on the headset make sure to launch the desktop viewer first. Also your headset must have the ability to report whether it’s in use or not. Most popular headsets can do that, but there might be some that can’t.

    ok well thanks for the reply but –
    windows can detect if my monitor is on or off
    my headset has the ability to report that it’s in use

    and i still don’t have a working desktopview since upgrading to the beta… it worked before upgrading….

    win 10 64bit, 2080 ti, odyssey original

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