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    i decided to put this game on hold to wait more patchs.

    way too many bugs & flaws to fully enjoy this rough gem.

    and anyway i have TONS of others great games to play already.


    Can anyone pls share a SBS image to see how the game looks in z3d? I’m considering purchasing the game but I would really like to se how good the 3d is.


    3D is about twice as strong as usual for Z3D while still keeping artifacts to a minimum. Works fairly well even in interiors. I’m still tweaking base parameters, the next release will probably even do a bit more.


    I think the game was pushed out the door before it was ready for prime-time. It took me several hours just to get the game running on my rtx gpu (had to downgrade my video drivers). I’ve fixed that but vorpx only hooks the game about 10% of the time; usually it flatlines.

    So I’ll probably wait until it’s stable enough to actually be playable.


    I’m in the open world right now and god damn the 3D effect is amazing and really sucks you into this game world. G3D enthusiasts shouldn’t be put off and give it a chance, it looks fantastic.

    I would rather play it like this on my Vive than on my 4k 70 inch tv.

    Edit: Also I think I solved my problems by switching from fullscreen to borderless window


    @ Ogrescar: there must be something that gets in the way. I’m sure there would be more posts like yours here if there was some general hooking issue. Since you are quite versed using vorpX you probably did that already, but just in case you didn’t, going through the trouble shooting guide in regard to hooking conflicts is worth a shot.

    The game should also work fine with the latest nVidia drivers (460.79), which were released just yesterday specifically for Cyberpunk 2077, a driver downgrade should definitely not be necessary.


    Hi, I’m new. I’ve bought Vorpx for play Cyberpunk 2077. I’ve the HP Reverb G1 and I’ve some questions:

    1. In the menus, if I move the head, the menus also moves so for read some text in the limits, I’ve to move the eyes without move the head.

    2. In game, I see a lot the limits of the screen, so I wonder if I can make the image bigger.

    3. The HP resolution is 2160×2160, but in the game settings I can only select up to 1920×1080. Can I improve the resolution?

    4. In Nexus mod it’s available a mod that can change the FOV above 100. It will work with Vorpx?

    5. The HUD is in the borders, and I can’t see the borders moving the head. It is possible to reduce the HUD?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    1. For that vorpX has its ‘EdgePeek’ function, which can temporarily zoom from full VR to a screen-like view: mouse wheel click or right thumbstick click are the default buttons. Also useful for watching cutscenes.
    2. That’s because of the game’s FOV limit, which is not high enough to fill the full headset FOV. In FullVR mode the game FOV and the headset FOV have to match or the image becomes warped/zoomed. Don’t fiddle with that yourself before you are more accustomed to how vorpX works. It’s extremely easy to break things in that regard. The profile is tuned perfectly for the game’s official max. FOV 100 currently.
    3. Check the custom resolutions hint in the vorpX menu (DirectVR page) when you try to change the resolution there.
    4. See 2. Don’t fiddle with that unless you know exactly what you do. If the FOV hack proves to be without side effects it will be added to vorpX next week.
    5. You can scale the HUD furher down on the image page of the vorpX menu.

    If you want to learn more about some basic principles, check the ‘Quickstart Guide’ and the ‘Essential Hints Guide’ in the vorpX help.


    Thank you for your reply!

    1. Perfect, tried and works very well.
    2/4. Then I’ll wait to the next week!
    5. Working nice

    3. Well, I’m trying to adjust the new resolution but maybe I’m doing something wrong. I’ve created a 2160×2160 90hz resolution in the Nvidia Panel. Well, I go to the game, and I still can select up to 1920×1080. I go to the DirectVR page in the menu, trying to select that resolution, but Vorpx says that the custom resolutions aren’t supported.


    The ideal aspect ratio in FullVR mode depends on 1/2 from above (FOV) and how it is accounted for. With the way FOV is currently handled 16:9 is the right aspect ratio, regardless of your headset aspect ratio. That may change later with the FOV hack.

    Just let vorpX do its thing, it knows what it does. Add the custom resolutions like mentioned in the hint on the DirectVR page and then just choose a preferred quality there.


    Okay I’ve fixed the problem. I have to select 60hz instead of 90hz.

    For a 2160×2160 HP, which Nvidia Panel resolution and which DirectVR resolution do you recommend? (in 16:9)

    DirectVR marks resolutions like 1280p but in Google I can’t found what resolution is.


    Rule of thumb: the higher the better quality wise, but a high resolution doesn’t make sense without a high enough framerate. It’s more important to select a resolution that works fast enough on your PC than to look at your headset resolution.


    Wow now works perfect! Thank you!

    Can’t wait to the FOV update, I’ll follow the thread updates. :D


    Just keep the “… If the FOV hack proves to be without side effects …” from above in mind. I don’t really expect it to, but one never knows.

    I’ll probably choose something between the official game max, and the actual headset FOV for performance reasons. Higher FOV means less FPS since more has to be rendered, so similar to resolution the art here is finding the right balance.


    Thank you for designing Vorpx.its many updates and replying to almost every question in the forums. Was positional tracking possible to implement ?

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