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    Please add mod by mod to a clean game install with the vr mod to test which mod is the problem, there’s no other way to use extra mods with the vr mod.


    Made some progress. Only thing that gets it running is removing cyber engine tweaks but I like too many mods from that to get rid of it so unfortunately I won’t be using this unless someone has a solution

    This should definitely be working for you. I would suggest backing up your mods (or the entire current install), then uninstalling and completely reinstall the game and this mod. Don’t use a Mod Manager for any of your other mods, or at least don’t use Vortex. So many of the mods have the incorrect directory structure for current versions of Cyberpunk they won’t work with Vortex anyway unless you manually fix them. So just install mods individually. Remember you can easily zip any mod you wish and delete the unzipped version, allowing you to easily keep ‘off’ (zipped) copies of mods you wish in the proper directory for possible use in the future.


    @ dursty :

    The VR mod relies on Cyber Engine Tweaks itself and installs the latest version from December, so it’s probably some kind of conflict with your particular setup. Maybe you have an older version of CET installed that doesn’t work with the mod? Just a guess.

    Your best bet would indeed be to first try the VR mod alone and then add back your other mods one by one (or in small batches if you use many) to find the offending one. If you are able to identify the offending one, it would be great if you could let me know which one it was.


    I ended up backing up and removing CET folder, which then brought me to an overlay message from the vorpx mod that said I needed CET to run the mod but also a message to remove dxgi.dll(apparently a reshade file). Everything was sorted after that and moved all my CET files back and now its working, Thanks.


    I cannot aim with Comrade Hammer. All other shot guns works fine. Playing with Valve Index and game controller. What can I do?


    Really nice work ! i love it !
    When bigger GPU will be out in the futur, playng this game in full3D with maxed out graphicd and resolution will be a blast for many years !

    Driving inside the car and being able to move your head freely is so great for immersion.

    But i noticed that external views that could show the player were taken out; same for the bike.
    That’s too bad, we don’t see your character often in the game and that’s why i loved a lot to ride on the bike for that reason. Though i saw that if we cycle quickly the view on bike, we could see for a brief instant our character before going fps again.

    Is it due to technical constraints for the mod ?
    Could classic external view could be added back ?


    @ cyber_siggi :

    I’ll see whether something can be done about that.

    @ Sephael :

    The external vehicle view has been taken out for the custom hood cam, which I think is more useful in VR.


    Just a little heads-up that the next release will be finally out later this week. Took a bit longer than I originally had anticipated to get the motion controller gesture stuff production ready, which now also includes a learning environment with graphical ingame explanations for each available gesture. Without that the whole system would have been pretty much useless since noone would have been able to figure it out.

    Now all that is finally nearing completion, except for some gesture parameter finetuning and game testing. So I expect things to be ready for release within a few days. Throw away your gamepads and get ready for something more immersive! The gestures are a shitton more fun than pressing buttons, even when playing seated or in cinema mode. Just actually steering your car, being able to switch to aiming down sights with a natural gesture, or throwing a grenade really makes all the difference.

    Gesture input lives happily alongside the regular motion controller gamepad emulation, so you can mix and match ‘normal’ input and gestures any way you want.

    BTW: For everyone owning the regular vorpX version: the gesture system has evolved quite far from the quick and dirty CP2077 specific tests as shown in the videos on page 11 of this thread. It’s now a general system that will also make its way to other games.


    Wow, that sounds fantastic. I love the gesture idea; sound like a good way to make non-VR games feel more like native VR titles.


    Dev update:

    Release of the next version will be tomorrow (Saturday), at least unless some show stopper comes up during the final tests.

    In a first step there will be nine gestures covering various typical actions in the game. I have some ideas for more, but I think for now that should suffice. Gestures are designed to closely mimic the action they are bound to, so they feel quite natural.

    Most importantly: playing this way really is a whole new level for mods without full motion controller support. If you never used your motion controllers with vorpX so far, now – well, tomorrow actually ;) – is the time!


    It will be really interesting to try those, especially if they work well in Immersive Screen mode, which is usually how I play CP.

    It would be so cool to see these types of gestures brought to other titles, as I think you mentioned may be possible? I would vote for older titles that run really well in VR (F03, FNV) getting the treatment first, but I understand that’s probably not best for your business model. Outer Worlds might be a good one. Or the Mass Effect trilogy if you can wedge in a first person mod (that would be impressive.)


    how smooth and playable it is ? if i play on hardest difficulty, will it make game harder ?

    and are those new features “easily” usable for others fps/racing game as well without days and days of work from your side Ralf ?


    @ mr_spongeworthy:

    The gestures work in cinema/immersive mode as well and will also come to other games, beginning with the next regular vorpX update in a few weeks.

    @ steph:

    The game allows so many ways to play it that I can’t really say how using gestures will affect you exactly. Dealing with the game’s spongy driving model becomes actually easier once you get used to it for example since you have more fine grained control than with a thumbstick. A slow paced stealthy game style also works great, super hectic run and gun style might lend itself better to button mashing. So it’s a bit up to you how using the gestures will affect difficulty.

    The gestures work seamlessly on top of the regular motion controller gamepad emulation, so you can mix both at any time and in any form you like. If you encounter situations were you’d rather press buttons, you can simply do so.


    sounds pretty interesting :) cannot wait to try this out !
    i cannot start to imagine the amount of work behind this !
    thanks Ralf !



    Version alpha 5 is now available. This is a major update that mainly adds a brand new feature: several common game actions can now be triggered with natural motion controller gestures, adding a whole new level of gameplay. Try it!

    You can download it here:


    • Motion controller gestures added.
    • Launch environment with help/tutorial screens added.
    • Various fixes and improvements.
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