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    cool so it includes a controller mapper too? now thats not a bad deal :-) cant wait to get this. some wrote on other forums oh well tridef is gonna be better they have a bigger team.

    meh. i was not that impressed with their beta the head tracking didnt feel right and game support is around the same as perceptions which is free..and the view render windows seem to ripped from the perception drivers too its like oh you got a big team you say? so why does it feel like a let down? they really should have tested it out more……vorpx i think will rock :-) from the videos i saw on youtube in the rift…and even if the view size is that “smallish” in the rift because the edges are softer and it doesnt just cut off like it does on like unity games/demos. it feels better. but i think you said you have an option to make the “circles” bigger or smaller too which will be nice :-)

    cant wait! nice to know just a few weeks!

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    yaaaaaaaaaay! thanks :-D just try not to make us wait till the very last day of sept if possible but thanks for the info! ill def give my money the day its available :-)

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    yeah but i was a bit of an ass so i thought id say that. i cant wait for it to come out but i am glad you are not doing what tridef did and rushing out a beta that really isnt that great!

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    i think its good to wait. i rather there be a lot of game support and less having to manually set up things. also i want the headtracking to just “work”. both tridef and perception just arnt there yet. and for 50 bucks i rather wait for a bit to have a driver that works…..that doesnt feel buggy that feels like a polished driver with many features. i griped before of it taking forever but seeing how both the other solutions in my opinion fail right now (more so tridef considering it costs 50 bucks they should have did more interial testing rather then rushing out a half baked beta that only offically suports nearly as many games (few) that perception does). i can wait a bit for someone to finally get it right. i hope Vorpx will be awesome!

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    Well sir. as i predicted looks like tridef is offically getting on the bandwagon, their beta driver support for the Rift isnt perfect at all.. and its more akin at this stage to the free perception drivers, however they are a larger professinal company and this may simply be the very first stepping stone for them to properly intigrate the Oculus Rift.

    Time to get off your butt and release your driver sir, as even in the beta previews from what ive seen it has better options than is out right now,

    however now the clock is ticking, tridef could easily work on making a well done driver with massive game support and good options

    so if you wait too late your going to be left in the dust. Release Vorpx already do an early adapter thing where people can pay now to get the beta and then get the final release.

    this is your chance sir….otherwise you wait too late and you just might be left in the dust.. tridef could easily improve their driver to support many more games with more options and better head tracking before your vorpx ever sees the light of day.

    i hope this will put a little more pressure on you to release your drivers already.

    but hey good to know another company is actually working on it. its not perfect but a step in the right direction.

    please just release vorpx already, you wait too late and you could easily miss your chance. if tridef ends up getting rift to work with HALF as many games as they do their normal 3d drivers for…..your in trouble. just saying…..

    in reply to: Pay now / Alpha or Beta version? #2065

    well yeah i understand that you have a job fine. but then again thats more the reason to release the thing now as a beta. you could earn some extra money and then just take it as you go. but whatever. what gets me is just that the fact you havent bothered to commmicate and provided any blog posts or any real updates in months i mean at the very least you could post a video once in a while of your progress you know? i didnt mean to be overly rude (and for the other guy so your saying you woudnt want a person to buy your product who was rude to you. online.thats stupid money is money if you take it so personal thats your problem)

    it would just be nice to hear more updates or some sort of timeline. and i just wish youd go ahead and release the beta to those who wish to be “early adopters” its like what a lot of devs are doing these days, with kickstarter and things like star citizen. i honestly think thats a much better way to do a project anyways ….expecally if you are more transparent and at least try to provide good status updates too. just leaving everyone in the dark on things just is really frustrating.

    but i really think you should release the beta for those who want to pay early that will releave some pressure as you have the beta out for users and can just take more time to work at it at your own pace while earning a bit of money from it. or at least give us a reason for such a long delay when you said it would be out shortly after rifts started shipping..

    but whatever. i guess it comes when it comes. didnt mean to be overly rude but its just frustrating because we are all sitting her wondering whats really going on with VorpX.

    i think a few more updates or somethng would at least help.. updating your blog even just once a month would be better then nothing.

    in reply to: vaporware? #2044

    i agree with you. I honestly think hes being a dick. I mean you dont annouce some awesome cool driver that will make a library of games work with it and then come out with some awesome cool beta previews for people and then stop updating yoru website. 3 months he hasnt updated his blog. 3 months.

    i dont think its vaperware judging by the fact a beta actually is out to “the select few”

    its just hes locked himself up in some dark hole and hes in his little world and it will come out when he “magically” decides it will.

    all i got from him in an email near the start of the month (thanks by the way for ignoring my past two messages and only emailing me back that one time)

    is that it will be out “well before” the consumer version.

    whatever the hell that means.

    release the damn thing already. if its in beta version thats prob good enough for us!


    whatever. folks this is how NOT to do a oculus rift driver. dont annouce how awesomely kool it will be and provide nice beta previews and then just totally not give a (pardon me) fuck. about your “fan base”.

    which honestly pretty much everyone who owns a Rift would be interested in this.

    but whatever. im sure it will come out when he “magically” decides it is “ready”.

    though i wonder what yard stick he is trying to mesure up to for it to be “ready”.

    thats the problem with programs. they could be developed forever.. but theres a point you need to come to when you decide might be a great time to release it now.


    your a dick for posting all that cool info about it then not even bothering to update the site or have ANy timeframe whatsoever over it

    but whatever. well at least you arnt going to half ass it like the guy who made the perception drivers so.

    but theres a middle ground on one hand you dont want to make a product that only supports a few games and doesnt work the “best” but on the other hand you dont want to take FOREVER and leave people in the dark of your progress too.;


    oh well. its his loss too because hes just missing out on the money he could be making right now from it.

    and thats the stupid part its a lose lose for both of us , him and us the longer he waits!

    and he risks another company like tridef coming out with a better solution. they told me they have dev kits but arnt willing to annouce anything yet as im sure they are waiting to have things working well.

    think about it. they already have a side by side 3d driver for games with it (that works with i think like 800 games) al they have to do is figure out how to do prewarping and head tracking and.

    they could release a product (as they are a bigger company and not just one person) that could blow away Vorpx.

    so yeah.


    and those beta previews were freaking MOTNHS ago. since then no one on youtube or any other site has posted anything else more about it

    its like maybe he told them to stop talking about it

    roadtoVR was supposed to post a update on the user interface and stuff too which they never did.


    ARE YOU EVEN STILL WORKING ON IT? IS IT EVER COMING OUT? if you decided to say the hell with it , you sure as fuck better at least release the beta verions thats all im gonna say.


    in reply to: Latest? #2043

    Depending on the amount you are willing to pay, I might consider to work faster. ;)

    yeah great asshole comment. there. seriously release it already you have 4 months like 3 months you already have the Rift right? COME ON.

    in reply to: Pay now / Alpha or Beta version? #2042

    no word. i think this guy has sucked himself in some black hole.

    its pretty poor doings. guys let this be a lession in how NOT to do PR for a product for the Rift. you dont make a few nice posts about how awesome and kool Vorpx will be and then completely stop updating the posts for 3 months barely reply on the forums and then give a few people some free beta versions just so they can hype it up only to take


    whatever. jerk. playing all those cool games with the Rift and not sharing it with us. thats like the kid at school with all the cool toys who never shared it with anyone.

    and hey thanks for refusing to let me in the beta. oh im sorry i am not a well known youtuber or a website to give you more free hype and PR it was my birthday too!.

    in reply to: Pay now / Alpha or Beta version? #2041

    well im sorry for some of the things i said but whatever. i think this is redicilous. i wonder if this product will ever see the light of day

    and of course the guy himslf didnt bother to reply to my thread. no suprise there. locked away in some dark hole somewhere im sure.

    we NEED vorpx! right now. it would be so amazing. why in the WORLD are you TAKING SO DAMN LONG!


    in reply to: Pay now / Alpha or Beta version? #2025

    ok maybe i shoudnt have wrote all this i was a bit upset had a bad day but whatever seems you cant frigging edit or deleate posts you make on here so ..whatever. lol. just release it already seriously.

    in reply to: Pay now / Alpha or Beta version? #2024

    Ok seriously you are starting to tick me off sir. its insane that you are taking FOREVER to release it because apparently it has to be perfect..even though the first users for it will be with the DEVELOPMENT KIT! therefor we dont CARE if its not perfect!!!! jebus fricking christ. It just really upsets and frustrates me.. your software is badly needed because lets be honest right now that many things to try with the rift i did most of the demos and the only real game i can play on it is minecraft as i dont like the perception driver settings and half life 2 i rather play it without the hud but you gotta freaking enter two console commands everytime you load a map (and thats not easy to do with the rift).

    i got my hopes up thinking oh wow at least world of warcraft is going to work with it using a mod someone did.

    it doesnt..well not for me. maybe because my moniter cant run the super low resolution apparently required by the mod. corse it doesnt help that you have litterarly like 42 steps to get the damned thing working and even after all that it didnt for me….not their fault though but if they had a coder like you who could simply inject a driver instead of relying on TWO other programs .to get it to “render” right.

    (again not really their fault i suppose though i strongly suggest they come up with a better solution in the future at least…)

    but seriously come on release the damn thing already. we NEED it. and hey we are willing to PAY you for it.

    hell. ill say it. it pisses me off!

    you annouced it before the rifts started shipping you told us then “ohh oooh it will be out around when the rifts start shipping”

    YEAH RIGHT!! then hyou go and post a nice little interview and have Road to VR do a nice preview of Vorpx like what 2 months ago? and since then NOTHING?

    really?? i mean come freaking long is it going to take you? my guess is another company like tridef or something is going to come up with a solution before your slow ass does.

    the fact that you freaking dont even BOTHER now to update the blog here AT ALL in what THREE frigging months. shows you really dont give a flying fudge about the people here who want to be a part of it.

    God just what we need for this …some anal developer whos locked in his room in la la land taking FOREVER to release a damn product thats right now for a DEV KIT vr headset.

    GOD! it PISSES me off! how long is it going to be? another 3 months?

    what really rubs my skin is the fact that you gave out (free im sure) nice little beta versions to “special people” who have had it for MONTHS now but for those who are willing to PAY YOU for the damn thing oh no screw that….no we cant get in the beta…not even if we ask. no sorry screw us huh?

    whatever. you should have had a beta program like what they are doing on steam now where you pay for beta at a discount and then get the full version too

    that way people who really want it wont have to wait months and months and months and months and months. and that way you could take all the time you wanted in the beta.

    UGH. whatever. gotta say development for the rift has been pretty slow lately. there was a bunch of cool demos and stuffs the last few months but i dunno the last few weeks its like been silent. i guess there busy working on their projects but we NEED VORPX!

    god id almost be willing to pay 100 bucks right now to get it JUST to have some more content to use with the rift!

    hell thats what im doing right now with Unity. because of the lack of content.. i bought a 90 buck asset pack (was a nice one too) to have something to work with

    and im kinda using it as an alternative to garrys mod because that idiot (ok he has a great mod but..still this pisses me off too) decides to say that it has -vr mode support in the beta and HE DIDNT EVEN BOTHER TO TEST IT (YEAH ITS A BETA BUT STILL..AT LEAST if your going to enable a vr mode make sure it doesnt freaking crash the program every single time!)

    so ive been trying to learn to import other models which ironically you most likely could get in garrys mod anyways.. so i can make my little scenes and its may cost me more as i might get some other programs to import more stuff into it.

    but whatever. the rift is so awesome it just begs to have more content for it. and i dont mind paying for it if its cool.

    but yeah…take all the damn sweet time you want. honestly wish someone would have uploaded a beta versoin of it on pirate bay or something so that those wanting to try it out actualy could as honestly a middle finger to you for annoucing this wonderful great awesome driver that now apparently has 80 game supported


    sorry. people may think im being an ass for posting this.

    but COME ON. maybe if enough people bitch about it you’ll finally decide “ooh gee duh maybe i should go ahead and release the beta for people who want to buy it”.

    sorry this sounds negitive but apparently not like anyone ever posts that muuch here anyways considering that he has all but abandoned this blog.


    deleate this post if you want i dont care just sick of waiting.

    in reply to: Pay now / Alpha or Beta version? #2003

    the fact also that you cant even bother to proide any more blog post updates on your progress on this site but instead post it on other sites shows that you really dont give a crap about us … too. i mean i KNOW your not working on the thin 24/7 ……at the very least as i have requested quite a few times….you could give us a updated list of the “80 games” that work with it or something. the fact that you didnt even mention world of warcraft works with the beta even though a german site showed it off.

    i mean seriously you want to make a product show a little respect to the people who want to be a part of it….ugh……dont even know why you have this site up honestly just deleate this whole thing and then make a simple page that says “vorpx will come out when I say it comes out and i coudnt give a crap about you ”

    lol……..well whatever. least i have unity hopefully by the time my trial ends in 4 months vorpx will be out

    yeah right. should have came out 4 months ago.

    in reply to: Pay now / Alpha or Beta version? #2002

    seriously just release the damn thing already this is ridiculous im starting to wonder if this thing will EVER get released i mean we all have DEV KITS it DOESNT HAVE TO BE FREAKING PERFECT! dont understand for the life of me why a guy has to take FOREVER to release a software for a DEVELOPMENT KIT! i mean its not like the first version has to be retail quality you know, its just insane that we desprietly need more content for the rift for those of us who have the rift and arnt entirely game devs (though i am giving the 4 month unity trial a shot and will come out with a demo or two using some sort assets) still..vorpx will add a very nice selection of more games to work with the Rift which is what we need right now. we dont CARE if its bet awe dont CARE if there is some issues. WE ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR IT ANYWAYS NOW! why the HELL are you dragging your feet on this thing? you TOLD US months ago “vorpx will come out around when dev kits start shipping”


    come ON already…….what gets me is WE ARE WILLING TO PAY YOU. your not making any money right now until you open it up to buy (from it) why give it out free to a few people when a lot more people are willing to PAY you to get it!

    crazy…..well im sorry but my first reply when this thing “does” come out is about damn time.

    just what we need for this project a profectionest who doesnt give a crap about what his audience really wants now nor care about actually making any money from it ..apparently any time soon.


    in reply to: VorpX Beta Review #1979

    its not fair that people get to try it out FREE and the ones who are WILLIng to pay you MONEY get nothing.

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