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    Get Vorpx 23.1.0 Beta and the appropriate profile from the cloud (the one which is named in the link below).

    Starfield Alpha v0.2 rev.b

    I have posted my review. It is not perfect but still playable and enjoyable.

    in reply to: disappointed in vorpx #218741

    I’ve played CP2077, Farcry 6, and I’m playing Starfield with Vorpx, always with Z3D (G3D don’t work well or at all on this games for me). You may have issue, but usually things are really convincing.

    I tried to use Reshade and Depth3D. Though this is a really interesting alternative and fully opensource, on Starfield I could not reach the same performances and quality as I have with Vorpx, stuck at less than 25FPS for a very low result in resolution.

    So pros and cons as always. Reshade offers a lot of options to setup they 3D.

    Make sure you explore the profiles from the cloud, otherwise the even Z3D won’t be always supported on various games.

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    I come back to my experience on the last patch with DLSS:

    Performances seems better, provided you don’t change the settings to much time, as performance could drop to 10-20FPS without any reason (independant from the setting mod, high quality or high performance). In that case the best is to leave the game and restart when changing DLSS parameters, even if this is not needed all the time.
    After a certain time, or randomly, I have sudden performance drop. Usually going to the main menu and returning to the game seems to solve the issue. But sometimes performances stays bad, so just leaving an restarting the game seems to revert things to normal.
    When playing with DLSS set to performance or high perfomance, I experience more visual artifacts, but again when artifacts remains restarting the game could help. Quality mod seems to work best on that point, even if time to time artifacts will appears (more annoying when this is during a space battle).

    But definitively the immersion is so fun, and DLSS is having a better quality result than FSR (visually more detailed).

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    Hi all,

    As I see some questions about this profile, let me share my experience.

    Here is my review of the Starfield Alpha v0.2 rev.b profile.

    First it is available only on Vorpx Beta 23.1.0. Do not try to get it on official Vorpx official release.

    I have a Ryzen 7 5800X3D, 32GB DDR and a RTX 3080 10GB. I’m playing with a PICO 4. When talking FPS, remember that game FPS is divided by in headset. In other meaning, you need to be able to get 60FPS min to have 30FPS in the headset. My max FPS in 90FPS (due to 90Hz headset).

    The game hooks without any problem. However stereoscopic 3D works (Z-depth) with some limitations:
    – For any reason, I have stereoscopic 3D working on 16/9 or 16/10 screen width. I have not been able to get it with a custom resolution 2160×2160, though the game is fully playable without 3D. This is sad because having too much pixels have probably an impact on my performances (see below).
    – If my resolutions is less than 1700 pixel height, then I start to have a lot of artifacts if Z-depth is enable. So my best performance tradeoff is 2720×1700 with stereoscopic 3D, and a dynamic resolution of 85% without artifacts. In such conditions, I can maintain 50-60FPS when walking in New-Atlentis, and 90FPS when exploring planets (a little bit less in forest or fauna planets). Of course I am using the FSR bridge mod mentioned in this topic. However sometimes the performances starts to drop drastically without any reason, especially when switching between menus and going back and forth to the game. I have manage to resolve that by going to main menu a few seconds and return to the game. Sometimes I have to close the game and restart it as the performance drop seems to be stuck.
    – With 2720×1700 resolution, the game tends to crash at startup in a random way. I have to try 2 or 3 times before getting to the game menu. This is a side effect of Vorpx as it never happens without it.

    Now I add a note regarding the last patch from 21 November:
    – DLSS is officially supported. However I have found that performances are worst with Vorpx compared to FSR + bridge, litteraly worst. When using Vorpx and official DLSS, I can’t get more than 20FPS, even with “Ultra performance settings”. So for the moment I will keep using the FSR + Bridge, even if I will do some extra tests that needs to be confirmed.

    in reply to: v21.3.5 – FarCry 6 not hooked (anymore) #216921

    I have just found that we can download from the cloud. Things seems to work then. Ticket closed.

    in reply to: Radeon 6000 series very low FPS on some games #216491


    Is it related to the graphics quality ? I mean have you ever tried to go low resolution low graphics just to check if you experiment this issue also ?

    You can also check the VRAM available on your graphic card, with GPU-Z for instance.
    Remember that in VR, you need to compute every picture 2 times, one from each eye point of view. On my RTX 3080 with 10GB, I use to reach 80 to 90% of the VRAM available, and I cannot sustain full quality everywhere. The GPU temperature also may affect the performances, as if it high, it will tend to reduce the usage to avoid damages (thermal throttle).

    in reply to: Issues with multiple games #216461


    – Cyberpunk 2077 (with VR mod, it was the main reason why I bought vorpX), but played maybe 1 hour, because it zooms view and very uncomfortable. Tried change settings but didn’t get good result.

    Try to change 3D reconstruction mode from DirectVR to Z-normal. I have a very bad feeling with DirectVR, but it is really nice with Z-normal (even if 3D is slightly less nice). I don’t play in FullVR mode, but rather in Immersive mode with Mouse/KB/PAD. I use a 4:3 resolution, and ajust the screen zoom to be on the edge of my left/right vision.

    – Fallout 76, same as Cyberpunk 2077;
    I don’t play Fallout 76, but my Fallout 4 setting are similar to Cyberpunk.

    I have not tried other games yet.

    in reply to: i have stuttering, using cable with quest 2 #216460

    Hi Matteo39

    If you think this come from the cable, can you try another cable (I assume the quest 2 is using a USB 3)?
    Have you tried to lower graphics ? How much RAM do you have ? What is your graphic card ?

    in reply to: Cyberpunk 1.6 – HiRes & Z-normal or Z-adaptative #216456

    Mmmmm ok nevermind. Problem seems to have solve alone, after playing with all the options, reseting the game graphic quality. No idea what happend, but Z-normal works now in 2880*2160.

    Ok time to enjoy, sorry for bothering for nothing.

    in reply to: Cyberpunk 1.6 – HiRes & Z-normal or Z-adaptative #216455

    Z-normal and Z-adaptative seem completely not functional with the last beta of Vorpx. Only DirectVR seems functional, but it is almost not usable due to some weird de-synchronization of right/left eyes when the world is moving fast.

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