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    @ Mossfoot

    The setting in question is the ‘FullVR Right Stick Y-Sensitivity’, the last one on the input page. If you don’t see that, make sure ‘Override X-Box Gamepad’ is set to ‘Off’ (which would be the default).

    vorpX handles XInput calls, which is what practically all modern games use for gamepad handling. Not sure how your PS4 gamepad is connected to the PC, but if it provides XInput input to games, all gamepad related things in vorpX should work with it.

    @ Anxelbao

    I have a machine with a slightly older AMD card here, will do some tests with that later. Not impossible, but also not very likely that there are GPU vendor specific issues, vorpX does its thing entirely on the Direct3D level, not on the driver level.

    vorpX emulates a mouse for head tracking, which confuses the game a bit when you play with a gamepad so that it doesn’t know which help overlay to show. Besides the game’s help overlay confusion everything works perfectly fine though, in contrast to many other games it luckily can handle simultaneous mouse/kb and gamepad input.

    With some luck (50:50) it will be possible to get DirectVR memory scanner head tracking working, which would come without this glitch. Just can promise anything yet, haven’t tried so far.


    @ Mossfoot With a 3070 you should get better performance than that especially with that CPU. I’m rocking on an OG Vive and a GTX 1080 with a i7-6700 and cyberpunk runs buttery smooth with VorpX at around 60fps though my detail setting is custom but on the lowish end with a couple of bells and whistles turned on. But a 3070 should be able to run this on medium. Maybe try running it on the lowest details and the work your way up in enabling details one by one like I did.


    In my case Cyberpunk crashes and freezes like in 5 minutes.

    5700 XT… Damn I was so excited to get this working :(

    If anybody solves the issue, let us know! Thank you


    it seems like a lot of 5700xt user suffer the same problem…


    Will do some AMD tests later. Not impossible, but also not very likely that there are GPU vendor specific issues, vorpX does its thing entirely on the Direct3D level, not on the driver level.



    First of all, thank you Ralph, the profile is excellent and works great.

    For anyone who wants to improve the game, there is an extra tip that will boost your performance!

    Find on Reddit:

    By modifying only one file!

    The trick is that on a PC, it has the same RAM and VRAM level config as the consoles. By modifying via a text editor, I was able to switch to ultra ray tracing 60 fps in 1080 (while I was more or less ultra without ray tracing) and to 1440p without high ray tracing via my Oculus!

    My config: RTX 2060 Super, 16go DDR4, Ryzen 5 3600

    Just go to your game folder, then engine / config / and open memory_pool_budgets.csv (Make a Backup, just for safe)

    Follow the tutorial via Reddit!

    Have fun ;)


    Good find @ monazou
    I’ll try it out too, and curious what others have to say.


    First of all, I’m loving Cyberpunk with Vorpx. I don’t think I’d be able to play it normally now. Overall, it’s working great and far better than I hoped for.

    Unfortunately, I am also getting fairly frequent crashes. It’s to the point where I’m having a hard time making progress in the game. (To be fair, the steam discussion for the game has quite a few people who don’t use Vorpx that are also seeing regular, random crashes. Some, or maybe even all, of this may be unrelated to Vorpx.)

    Personally, I’m seeing two kinds of crashes. In the first type, vorpx crashes while Cyberpunk continues to run. (In my headset, I’ll get a little window that says it’s waiting for Cyberpunk that never goes away.) This type of crash seems to occur most often if I tab out or switch vorpx settings in the vorpx menu. The second type of crash occurs randomly while playing. In that one, everything dies and I get a Cyberpunk crash report window. (I looked at the crash report a couple times, and it looks like a memory access/null pointer type crash.)

    I’m also seeing the previously reported issue where the top (or maybe bottom?) half of the screen is no longer 3d. (I checked the color precision setting, and it is set to high. I’m not sure why the solution that worked for others is not working for me.) The problem seems to always start during cut scenes. I could be wrong, but it seems like it starts specifically when the cut scene force the players view to pan left or right to see something.

    (I’m running Windows 10 with a 2080 super, the new nvidia drivers from a few days ago. I am using the base profile. The only thing I changed was adding custom resolutions and switching to one of the slightly higher resolutions in vorpx’s direct3d menu.)


    I changed the .csv file and saw no difference in fps, RAM usage, or VRAM usage. I even set the values to zero and saw no difference. As far as I can tell, the budgets are ignored.


    Played it with Vorpx last night, first time ever using it… here is my set up:

    5900x with large water cooler
    32GB 3600 clock RAM
    Oculus Quest 2
    Samsung PCIE4 Pro SSD
    9 case fans

    How was it?

    Cyberpunk 2077 is full of glitches, including and particularly annoying HUD glitches. The game crashed once, another time I got stuck and couldn’t move, had to restart. G3D also is not that great.

    But…. it was also well worth it. This is the absolute cutting edge of gaming and our boy Ralf really deserves the credit for the quick turn around with a solution to at least get it running on Vorpx. Worth every penny and double thank you for the quick turn around time on getting a software key. Fantastic. Will absolutely recommend. People who complain about Vorpx or ask if it’s really worth the money need to grow up.

    Also with these settings I was able to just about max out the graphics on the Oculus, using DLSS. I turned my monitor OFF so that I had as much GPU available as possible.

    Also just want to say S/O to Paradise Decay on YouTube, coming straight out of the box having never really used SteamVR or Vorpx before, his video guide on YouTube really helped me get it up and running quickly, figuring out what to boot up in which order.


    A few quick questions….

    — Is there any way to make the Vorpx background just a solid back color? This would make it way more immersive IMHO especially because you need to use edge peak constantly. I looked in the config and didn’t see anything. I see the colored bars at the bottom of the screen when zoomed in and it’s very distracting.

    — Did anyone ever come up with a solution for the ‘split screen issue’ that occurs during cut scenes when using DLSS? IIRC I turned DLSS off and had the same issue…

    — Can you use custom resolutions? I was using 1080P with DLSS… is there a way to increase the resolution to the Oculus native res?


    @ Ogrescar, I’m sorry to hear that, what do you use for editing you file? Notepad or something like that? Work for me with that.

    Look the Reddit’s Thread, maybe someone have the same problem?

    @ zero_nanometer With your config, you can up increase easily the resolution! I use a topic , works great!


    How to improve Cyberpunk 2077’s performance on PC.”

    First, head to the game’s folder. Then select engine >> config >> open memory_pool_budgets.csv in Wordpad Find PoolCPU and PoolGPU in the document
    Change the PoolCPU values to use half of what your RAM is for PC, leaving 4 GB for Windows to run

    Lookup your GPU and check how much VRAM you have, whatever that number is, use that for the PoolGPU field


    No FPS increase for me either. I seem to be capped at 40fps.


    What’s the relationship between Cyberpunk’s resolution setting and the custom ones you can add amd change to in VorpX? Does the DirectVR resolution setting in VorpX simply override the games resolution at launch? Or is it doing something more complicated where it’s rendering in the headset at a different resolution than what the game renders to your monitor?

    I’m a bit confused because I didn’t notice a big visual difference/performance hit after installing the custom resolution and changing the resolution setting in vorpx. Making similar changes in the resolution in Cyberpunk’s settings menu seemed to change things much more drastically on both the screen and in the headset. The text was much clearer than I had seen before but the performance hit was also much higher.


    Mod’s to help with crashes and increase FPS and FOV.

    1. May increase FPS and Fix some bugs”

    2.Will increase FPS. (Turn off/on extra setting)

    3.FOV slider (30-150) Only works up to 117 in vorpx for me.

    I hope it is ok for me to put these mod’s on here but these help me to get the game running very nice in voprx.

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