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    I saw Mass Effect: Andromeda in the “fixed” column and decided to give it a go before playing the remastered trilogy. However, I have similar problems with the game in G3D like I have in Jedi Fallen Order; flickering shaders, specifically around the characters.

    Jedi Fallen Order G3D Black Screen

    The issue around the main character can actually be resolved by changing Vocal Offset to -0.13, but then other graphic errors occur.
    I guess the profile should not be broken, since it was updated recently. Am I the only one having problems? Are there any in-game options I overlooked or specific headset / graphic card issues (driver is fairly up-to-date) that might cause this? Simply no luck with EA games? ;)


    I managed to get Portal and Portal 2 working perfectly — settings uploaded to the Cloud Settings.

    1. Removed all “Launch Options” parameters from Steam game properties
    2. Reset VorpX settings for the games
    3. Set games to 4:3 1600×1200 and enable gamepad controller
    4. Load a game, run memory scan
    5. Set for FullVR, geometry, and adjust scaling.

    … and the flickering seen before is gone.


    Used VorpX for the first time in a while yesterday.
    As a owner of a WMR headset this is a great upgrade.
    VorpX are running so smooth now.
    So thanks for the openXR addition.
    Only really use it for older race simulators and the tracking was not very good as it was drifting constantly.
    But see there is an update coming soon so hope that will be better.
    Again thanks for the continue developments and improvements.


    @Ralf, in the official profiles for Far Cry 3 (z3d) and Watch Dogs (z3d), the 3d depht option is set way too far, even on the lowest(nearest) value, which is 0.5. This makes medium and far distance objects extra small and weirdly looking, and there is no 3d in the middle to close distance from the character(in full vr and immersive screen too). I’m saying that because in the other far cry profiles(for example far cry 4 and 5) and watch dogs 2, this setting is perfectly fine and balanced. Maybe nobody cares about z3d in these games, but g3d runs extra stuttery on my pc. Pls Is there a way you can edit that option in these profiles to make so that the 3d depht can get closer ( like it does in the other profiles, also in all other game profiles I tried so far)? thanks


    @Ralf, no need to check and edit that if you don’t have time. I sold my i5 8400 and bought i7 9700, so with my card, gtx 1070ti, I can now run games with g3d(at least older games or racing games) at low settings with good framerate, apparently i5 was not enough


    One bug in the current authoring tool build I noticed tonight:

    Can’t enter keyboard input into the shader comments field until I alt+tab out of game and back. The menu cannot be closed until this process is completed.

    Also, the menu/inventory screen mouse cursor no longer appears in a couple games without ctrl+C, including AC Odyssey. I’m using windows default cursor settings.

    p.s. Are the weapon model modifiers still coming soon to the authoring tool UI? I’m excited to experiment with this on other profiles.


    Had to cut the weapon hide authoring UI from the 21.2.1 due to time constraints unfortunately. (Hopefully) it will be in the release after that.


    vorpX 21.2.1 has been released.

    Originally this was supposed to be just a maintenance update, but in the end became an almost-major-release due to two huge additions in the form of vorpX connection mods for GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 that provide a great out-of-the box FullVR experience for both games. Both are still somewhat beta, but good enough for a first public release.

    The connection mods implement perfect 1:1 headtracking, decoupled walk/look/aim, auto switching to EdgePeek in cutscenes and menu screens for improved comfort, and unique VR optimized cameras for both games that get rid of nauseating head bobbing and whenever possible the equally nauseating moments where the games briefly take away control, e.g. when entering a car or mounting a horse.

    They also add Alternate Frame Geometry 3D for both games. If you are sensitive to the comfort issues inherent to AFR 3D, vorpX’s built in 3D methods are still available without losing the other benefits of the more direct connection like positional tracking and decoupled walk/look.

    Nice detail: For the heck of it GTA V got an additional driving view that mounts the camera on a car’s hood, similar to what you may know from many racing games. Turned out to be the most fun and immersive way to cruise through Los Santos you may have ever experienced.

    Full changelog:

    • Dedicated connection mods (BETA) for Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V to provide a great out-of-the-box FullVR experince: VR optimized cameras, decoupled walk/look, auto EdgePeek handling, alternate frame G3D, and more.
    • The shader authoring tool can be used on top of official profiles now.
    • Profiles can now be restored to default from within the game, having to switch to the config app for that was always a bit clunky.
    • Internal frame interpolation can handle alternate eye rendering without relying on support provided by headset runtimes.
    • Fallback hooking mode that improves compatibility with some mod loaders (e.g. Resident Evil 2)
    • ‘Loft’ cinema environment (finally) finalized.
    • Some textures were blurry in cinema scenes since earlier this year.
    • OpenXR now working for games that utilize nVidia Ansel, e.g. SW: Battlefront 2.
    • DirectVR memory scanner caching didn’t always work as intended.
    • D3D9: Fixed a regression that could cause heavy flicker in older fixed function pipeline games (e.g. GTA: Vice City with the D3D8>D3D9 wrapper)
    • Head roll wasn’t always applied as intended (e.g. Resident Evil 7)
    • Some Epic Launcher and EA Desktop related improvements
    • Elder Scrolls Online: HUD shader fixed for latest game release.
    • Fallout 4: Lightning shader fixed (thanks RJK)
    • Skyrim SE: Some effect fixes (thanks RJK)
    • Mass Effect: Legendary Edition: ME1/2: G3D/Z3D profiles added, note that G3D performance isn’t exactly great due to a somewhat ineffecient D3D9 to D3D11 conversion. Especially for ME2, which doesn’t look that much better, the DX9 original is still recommended.
    • MPC-HC/VLC: some default settings tweaks,

    Greetings. I’m curious: Is there anything special about your alternate eye 3d? Once I had the performance tuned like in the instructions, turning with the controller became totally fluid without any ghosting and double vision. That’s the best alternate eye 3d I have seen by a longshot.

    I’m sure I find something to nitpick about later, for now I’m in GTA heaven. Driving around Los Santos feels like true L.A. with 30° outside. :)


    The AFR compensation in vorpX’s frame interpolation does indeed also factor in controller/mouse rotation, not just head rotation. Caveat: as you noticed this currently requires the headset thread (the second number in the FPS counter) to run at the full headset refresh rate. The actual game FPS (the first number) can be much lower though.

    It’s definitely worth to tweak performance a bit until this condition is met. Feels almost like native 90fps despite the AFR 3D once the controller rotation handling kicks in.


    Thank you for the update Ralf.

    i have a question, can we edit/reset shaders you edited on official profile, or can we only tweaks shaders you didnt touch with the official profiles .
    i’m asking this, because for example in Elex, the shaders you touched are greyed out and i cant mess with them.


    Somehow I knew that would be the first question popping up in that respect.

    I’ll check whether I can resolve that somehow later, for now that’s how it works, sorry. I perfectly understand your desire to tinker with everything, but I have to weigh that against my desire to not break the profile system. Sometimes you only get 99% of what you want. :)

    You still always have the option to rename the .exe and create an entirely new profile for the renamed .exe if that doesn’t suffice.


    Thanks Ralf, awesome to see the RE7 fix. No new G3D support for newer titles, bummer. Loving all the updates. Appreciate it.

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    Doing mostly profiles was the original plan for the release, got distracted by the GTA and RDR DirectVR/modding stuff. That’s not quite finished yet, still some planned features missing, but the next release will also bring a bunch of new profiles, promise.

    I’m not the type of guy who boasts all day about how great he believes to be, but I can tell you that there wouldn’t have been a chance to do even one more thing for this update unless one happens to be a robot that neither needs sleep nor food. :)


    Oh, I was planning on trying RDR2 in the FullVR mode! I may fall back on cinema for a lot of games, but something as immersive as RDR2 I would definitely want to try in FullVR with this new G3D alternating eye method. Assuming my outdated 1080ti can hack it.
    Now I just wish I had more time to play…

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