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    wrong thread

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    Hey Ralf..
    I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with Vorpx. I found a bunch of other folks with the same issue. Just a windows bug (&a really annoying one) that coincidentally began around the time I installed the beta. But it had more to do with a Windows update that installed. Apologies for bringing it up in here.

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    The virtual monitor defaults to 1440 (I wonder if there is a way to change this default) I only change
    it to 3840×2160, which is the same as my monitor.
    I’m guessing it changes my font size when I do this. Problem is, once that happens it affects everything. From that point on, the text in a lot of apps is super small, and I have to reinstall the whole nvidia driver to rectify it. Changing it in settings/scale does nothing.

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    Anybody notice their text/font size becomes tiny after a session with Vorpx/virtual monitor?

    It’s been a thing happening to me of late. Suddenly apps have very small text. But I can’t quite tell if it’s Vorpx or coincidental timing.

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    Is there any way Desktop Viewer could be able to show overlays, Ralf?
    I’m thinking of Xbox Game Bar specifically. It’s a bit tricky re: inviting and accepting party invites from friends with the new DV because, with it switching off the monitor, there’s no way to access the game bar gui.

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    Hey Dave…
    I’d love to try Wipeout in 3D.
    If you could do a little setup guide for RPCS3 that’d be awesome.

    in reply to: vorpX 23.1.0 BETA #215740

    Hey Ralf…
    Probably just a lack of understanding the ins & outs of a BETA for a lot of us.
    I know I had some issues with the previous BETA. I mentioned here having my mouse get stuck, and having to reboot the PC sometimes etc. But then my brain defaulted to ‘I’ll wait for the next BETA. It’ll probably be sorted by then!’
    I never thought to send log files. I thought you’d magically know what was going on out there in the ether.
    I know that sounds silly… but it’s true.
    And this last BETA… everything has worked great for me! So my latest log file would read ‘played Jedi Fallen Order for hours on desktop viewer & everything worked perfectly’. ;)
    Is there perhaps a way you can have log files auto-generate and send to you when we’re using a BETA?
    It could be a part of the deal. ie. We’d have to agree to that to test the BETA.
    I’m just spit balling here.
    I know I’d be happy to contribute to make your job easier. I think if you tell us specifically what you need from us, I imagine most people would feel the same.
    Perhaps lay out some instructions as to the best way to go about it all.
    I don’t even know where the logfiles are. Are they generated whenever Vorpx runs? Only on crashes etc? Do we email them to you at support, or post them here? How big or small an issue is worth sending a log file? (eg. sometimes vorpx wouldn’t do what I expected the first time. But the next time it did). All that kinda stuff.
    I came on here and asked some questions on here a few times and you would be quick with answers. Is it better to send log files than bring up issues in this thread? These are all things I know I’m not quite sure of. So others might be in the dark about them too.

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    All this stuff sounds fantastic, Ralf.

    I was wondering, with all the gestures… could you use the controllers as gyro aim controls?
    In case you’re not aware… there’s a popular input method on Switch (and on PC with Playstation controllers) called ‘flickstick’.
    Predominantly for fps shooters, you still use the gamepad mostly as is, but where your right stick was originally used for aiming. Instead, that is use only to point in the general direction you wish to turn, and then you tilt or turn the entire controller to do fine tuned aiming.
    I feel like VR controllers would be as accurate, if not more so, than the gyro in a DS4 gamepad.
    I have no idea if the functionality is there presently in Vorpx to use a VR controller’s physical movement to aim with (or assist aiming). I was just curious.

    in reply to: Vorpx Patreon/Donations Support #215593

    No software I own (predominantly music DAW sw & plugins) have ever come with perpetual updates.
    When there is a new version that offers new & improved features, every user has a choice. You can keep using the sw you own as is and pay nothing. Or, if those new features have value to you, you pay an upgrade fee. Makes sense to me.
    The new desktop viewer, alone absolutely falls into that category imho. Not to speak of the other improvements.
    Which reminds me, Ralf. Is there an ETA on the next BETA? Very keen to try it out!

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    Is that why you recommend switching your physical monitor off?
    Less fighting amongst refresh rates?
    Is it safe to say then, if you do have a physical monitor on, it’d be best if that also had a matching refresh rate? (eg. if the game is showing on your monitor, which is sitting at 60hz, and you have the game using vsync, then it could be vsyncing to that, rather than the 90hz of your hmd?)
    Sorry for all the questions, Ralf! Just very keen to understand the optimum way to run all your new toys.

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    Question re: desktop viewer, Ralph.

    Is frame limiting games of any value when using DV? I assumed DV already limits the game to the refresh of your headset, but I wasn’t sure. And if it’s not, and frame limiting could be of benefit to smooth things out. Would you frame limit exactly to the HMD refresh, or a little over? (I assume not under. HMD’s don’t actually have VRR, correct?)
    I’ve never thought about frame limiting hooked games, coz they’re always smooth.

    in reply to: Way to delete official profiles? #215511

    It might not be necessary after all.
    I tried a game (Dishonored Death of the Outsider) without an official profile just to see if I could get it to work in pancake mode.
    But it refused to boot with the GEO-11 shader fixes DX11 DLL in the folder.
    It just kept looping and trying to start the game.

    Not sure if there’s a way of getting around this. But if we could hook directly into games to simply display them as is, it’d open up a lot of possibilities re: 3d gaming.
    I’ve tried a few games on the new desktop viewer, and while it’s great… it’s not as stable as hooked games. I played Titanfall 2 and Rocket League earlier, and they don’t miss a beat at 90fps.

    in reply to: vorpX 23.1.0 BETA #215475

    Holy &^%$-balls…
    The new virtual monitor with desktop viewer is a game changer, Ralf. Truly.
    Decided to give it another go, and this time it gave me no trouble.
    Being able to test 3D games at different resolutions without no restarting or problems with sync etc has made things so ridiculously simple and painless.
    Brilliant work.

    in reply to: vorpX 23.1.0 BETA #215469

    Hey again Ralf…
    I wanted to try that SBS 3D Base profile, but I can’t figure out a way to attach it to games that already have profiles. There doesn’t seem to be a way to delete profiles for games that are already using an exe.

    in reply to: vorpX 23.1.0 BETA #215456

    Hey Ralf,
    I confess I had a real bad time with the BETA.
    Anytime I enabled desktop viewer I ended up in loops, where it kept making my tv lose sync and flash on and off.
    A couple of times it refused to let me move my mouse. The mouse was simply stuck in the middle of the screen, so I couldn’t end task on Vorpx. I had to reboot.
    Then, when I sometimes could see the desktop on the g2, it was tiny.
    I’m assuming my main screen res and refresh doesn’t affect anything?
    You don’t have to set ‘extend’ or ‘mirror’ or ‘only screen x’?
    And the second ‘virtual’ monitor should just be a very small square on the right of your main screen when you go to display settings, since it doesn’t have an actual resolution set there?
    I know I’m doing something wrong, since everybody here has no problems.
    I’ve reverted back tonight just so I could play some Titanfall & Rocket League.
    But should I just try a reinstall of the BETA?

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