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    Thanks Ralf…
    It’s been a while, so I’ll give BF2 another go.

    in reply to: Real 3D? I mean REAL 3D. #204964

    There is a G3D (geometry 3D) list on here somewhere.

    There are a ton of games that support it. The upside is that it’s ‘real 3D’ (which is I assume what you mean?). So everything has proper depth and scale. The downside is it takes over 2x the power of your GPU to render everything twice. Also, depending on the engine, some graphical effects may need to be turned down or even off (eg. shadows are frequently a problem)
    Z3D is still 3D… but it cheats and creates 3D from the games zmap. So there’s depth, but things tend to look a little like 2D popups in situations. And there’s usually a halo effect around certain objects as a result of how Z3D works. As well as other oddities eg. in Wreckfest, the road looks like it’s going ‘down’ in front of you. Some Z3D can work well. And some people can barely tell the difference between the two.
    For me, nothing beats games like Rocket League, Titanfall 2, Metro etc in G3D. No issues with shadows and perfect depth and scale. Brilliant.
    And yes… they should just work. No hours of setting up. You can, of course, play with settings to your heart’s content.


    Yup. Same thing happens for me in BF4 G3D (as well as Battlefront 2).

    Tried everything. It’s a shame… because I can tell they both would look amazing in G3D. Z3D is ok… but not comparable. In fact, Z3D kinda messes with my brain a bit.

    in reply to: It Takes Two #204596

    Just tried both of those profiles, as I was keen to play this.

    The game hooked with both, but while G3D is selected… there’s no 3D to speak of.

    Abzu had slight issues shown with shadows in one eye (that go away when turning G3D off)
    And Conoarium had these issues, but worse. With a dark shadow in the bottom half of the screen in one eye.


    in reply to: Battlefield 4 (Flickering textures) #202310

    Thanks Ralf!

    No 3Dvision. I’m on an AMD card (until the 3080/ti becomes available

    Just an FYI after a LOT of toying around…

    I could consistently get the game to boot and let me switch 3D modes so long as I forced it to boot the 32 bit version in Origin.
    The only downside here is that the game won’t let you change any graphics options in 32 bit mode (which is strange).
    So, I’d have to get my settings where I wanted them in 64 bit without Vorpx, and then go back to 32 bit with Vorpx.
    Another win was, I didn’t even realize BF4 worked in Z3D, because I always had SMAA turned on.
    Suddenly I have Z3D with it off now. It’s cleaner looking with 4xSMAA obviously, but with G3D giving me texture artifacts no matter what I do, I’ll take some aliased Z3D for now!

    in reply to: Battlefield 4 (Flickering textures) #202298

    Ok… I had ‘some’ progress.

    I’ve tried making sure overlays everywhere are off. Disabling my 2nd physical monitor. I’ve launched using the 32 bit exe etc. Tried making my desktop rez match the in game rez.
    Somehow, out of nowhere… the game finally allowed me to switch 3d off in Vorpx and not crash. I believe it was when I launched the game from the Battlenet browse, strangely enough.

    I was able then to actually see all the text and play in 2D. I could even flick between 3D and 2D at that point. And apart from a bit of flickering (tanks etc disappearing and reappearing) I could see how great the 3D looked. And 2D was perfect.

    Then I thought perhaps it was Origin. So I quit out and realized I could sign into EA Desktop and launch from there.

    And then I was back to square one. Black screens. Missing text. And crashing when trying to turn the 3D off.

    So I’m kinda lost.

    Ralf… do you use Origin or EA Desktop to launch it?

    in reply to: Battlefield 4 (Flickering textures) #202297

    I’ve tried everything I can think of.
    Upon startup I can tell it’s about to not work because even on the initial screen, the background (which is usually a bluey green) is black, and I can’t see the text to change settings.
    Also, if I try to switch from G3D to off or z3d the game crashes and I get an error popup.
    I might try a Vorpx uninstall/reinstall and see if that changes anything.

    in reply to: Profiles demand #202046

    “I still wonder what makes people so hooked with those multiplayer-only titles”

    Well, I mostly play multiplayer titles exclusively. I think I’ve finished 3 single player games in my whole life.

    To each their own, of course. But I’ve always leaned towards a ‘quick fix’ game.
    I like COD/Halo etc. because they’re five minute matches, and you know who won and then you do it again. It helps that I have a group of around a dozen of us that have gotten together for lan nights since way back when we had 2 xboxes and 2 projectors and would play 4v4 system link. We eventually all got our own consoles and online meant we could play more. So when you have a team of guys online regularly, it’s a fun, competitive vibe.

    As far as Battle Royale goes… I friggin love it. It’s so challenging, so when you win, it’s a buzz. I loved Fortnite when it first came out. But then, it was controller players only. No bots. And no ‘quick build’ setup on the controller. So people only built basic ramps etc for some cover.
    Now you’re cross-playing pc players on kb/mouse, and it’s anything but a straight up gunfight. I’m not interested in having a ‘build a battle’.

    I thought Blackout (the first Call Of Duty Battle Royale) was awesome. We played it exclusively (ie. didn’t touch the team death match modes for the first time ever). But again, it was fair. Console only.
    I can’t stand Warzone, though. This obsession with crossplay has ruined console games. I have to play against people with a faster, more accurate input method. And to combat that, suddenly my aim assist (which used to be just that) feels like it’s aiming for me half the time. Not to mention it’s the first time ever in the history of console I’ve ever encountered cheaters.
    Whereas Apex Legends is my go to for BR now. You’re only matched with console players. The aim assist is subtle. The time to kill is long, so you actually have a proper exchange in a gunfight.

    So, yeah… some people love to jump on with pals and play to compete. We play everything though. Racing games. Rocket League. Sports. Old school games like Bomberman and Worms. Whatever gets you screaming at each other. :)

    But 3d and VR definitely has definitely got me playing more single player stuff. Just coz it’s so immersive, though. I’d love to, and probably prefer be able to play against pals in VR, or even just in 3D on a virtual cinema screen. It’s a shame most of them won’t work because of anti cheat.

    in reply to: F1 2020 low fps #202033

    All good, Ralf.

    F1 2020 is pretty cheap nowadays. Might give that a shot when it’s on sale.

    BTW… Titanfall2 is INCREDIBLE now.

    The gun fov fix is a game changer. Brilliant!

    in reply to: F1 2020 low fps #202005

    Just an FYI on this one, Ralf

    The new update seemed to (almost) fix this (F1 19… not sure about F1 20)

    The problem myself and others had where the fps would drop dramatically in G3D (ie. 5-10fps) is gone, so long as I don’t use ‘direct mode async render=off’. (async off makes it slow to a crawl of 5fps or thereabouts).

    There is still something funny going on with the sync to the Reverb G2 though. Because it ‘feels’ like a low frame rate even though it’s not. No matter how much I lower all the settings and resolution, I get a sort of double vision when anything’s moving. And it’s consistently like this at all resolutions and settings.

    in reply to: vorpX 21.2.3 Available Now #201996

    Been playing Rocket League. WAY smoother than it ever was through SteamVR.
    All the judder completely gone.

    Had a quick go with Battlefront2 as well. The G3D works again!
    Can’t explain it, but I won’t complain!

    Only (small) issue I’ve found so far is that the Vorpx menu won’t allow me to use the xbox controller ‘A’ button to ok some options. I have to use the mouse button sometimes.

    Awesome stuff Ralf. Thanks for a fantastic update.



    Very exciting.

    Titanfall2, here I come.

    Awesome new features.

    Thanks Ralf!

    in reply to: Profiles demand #201958

    If Warzone had anti-cheat, it would be worth playing.

    And then we couldn’t play it.

    Ah, the sweet irony.

    in reply to: Wreckfest issue #201927

    Hey Ralf…

    I know you’re hard at work on the WMR update (which I’m so pumped about, I keep checking if it’s up every few hours even though I know you said end of the week!)

    But if you could have another look at this one, it would be much appreciated.
    I ended up buying it on Steam even though I had it on the MS store. Mostly because of the workshop tracks etc… but also because I foolishly thought maybe it was the fact it was on the MS store that the 3d might not have been working.

    It’s just such a phenomenal game.
    Anyway… here’s hoping it can get working in 3d on Vorpx again at some point in the future.

    in reply to: 3d Blu Rays and VorpX Tutorial #201744

    I didn’t know you could hook directly into MPC-HC, Ralf.
    I don’t see a profile.
    Is it as simple as starting Vorpx and then MPC-HC and it should automatically hook?

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