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  • in reply to: Short info regarding "Base: start" startup error #126920

    If you experience this error, which can happen especially with imported cloud profiles, please have a little bit of patience.

    I was able to reproduce it, but unfortunately it’s a bit cumbersome to debug since it doesn’t occur in dev builds – only in release versions. There won’t be time to address it today (Sunday). A hotfix will be made available later this week.

    I could play some time now, but will try other games too.

    in reply to: RESIDENT EVIL 7 #126892

    Anyone experiencing a big ghosting effect on a first handgun? Its like holding 2 or ever 3 guns at the same time with texture flickering…

    Same problem here!!
    Big ghosting effect. If I reduce the 3D effect the ghost comes close to the gun model but everything loses the same ratio of 3d…so it is not a real solution.

    in reply to: Short info regarding "Base: start" startup error #126891

    I was about to ask about this error on one game, but seeing this, I want to add more info here.

    I was playing ZIGGURAT with version 17.1.3 on Z-Adaptive and played really great (Amazing Roguelike FPS -> http://store.steampowered.com/app/308420/ )

    I´ve created a custom profile from unnamed one and adding the game .exe file and it worked correctly.

    After Vorpx was updated to version 17.2 it stopped working and gave me the BASE:Start error. I´ve tried running everything with admin rights and there is no difference. But I will try to create a new profile from scratch too.

    may I provide any additional info to investigate? any log?

    in reply to: ReShade + Depth3D == Doom 2016 with z-buffer 3D #126395

    Tested it and I´m using Virtual Desktop.

    1) Looks really good in 3D and indeed works really fast. BUT is not GEOMETRY 3D. It is like watching a 3D movie in the cinema.
    3) Even if you zoom a lot it is still noted that I´m looking at a screen

    So, is not the same as VorpX



    I cannot set that correctly in the game when using the full gamepad support.

    in reply to: Skyrim + Direct VR = Ermahgerd! #125987

    I´m always playing correctly in DirectVR, including FoV succesfully completing.

    but I have to recognize that sometimes it is harder to get the DirectVR passing all the tests…
    Yesterday it was failing many times, so I entered a dungeon and run it there and it worked at first try; go figure.

    in reply to: picture quality #125986

    Increase resolution and pay attention to the aspect ratio as some look better: try 1920×1440 (create a custom resolution in the Nvidia Control Panel so you could choose it on every game)

    Also DISABLE AA in the games…it will lower your performance and will make the image blurry

    in reply to: Skyrim + Direct VR = Ermahgerd! #125969

    Skyrim SE???
    Not sure if you set it already but if not try it with 1920×1440 resolution set manually in Skyrim.prefs and set the Fov 110 110 in game using the console.

    This was the main reason to buy it and works really good.

    I have adjusted the size of everything a little :P

    Also, do you see any performance loss while playing more than…let´s say an hour?

    in reply to: Bug? Assassins creed unity – No 3D #125912

    I have the originals Assasins Creed and Assasins Creed 2, they appear as listed in the supported games list, but they look very flat indeed….I´m missing something? is this the same case of profile leftover?



    If you ask me, then I say that the immersion that the world of a Skyrim or Bioshock provides in VR outweighs any potential technical glitch by an order of magnitude.

    Well, using your words, I´m afraid of those glitches breaking the previous immersion. It is useless to have Skyrim in VR if I have to suffer issues with headtracking or other problems constantly. It kills the immersion completely.

    Instead of thinking inside the game..I would end up thinking about the glitches.

    Just be aware that vorpX applies VR to games that were never ever meant to be played in 3D, let alone in VR, and that that can imply some technical compromises. Whether that is OK for you or not, only you can decide

    Actually I cannot decide.
    I have to BUY it (40U$D) just to see how it works.

    There is no TRIAL or DEMO version. Videos on youtube are clearly not enough, and I´m not sure about possible issues. so…

    That is something that makes me doubt of buying, if the software is good, then a way to test or refund should be available to let users DECIDE.


    But in this other thread:


    You are stating that: ¨There always is a certain risk of crashes with Direct VR, which writes directly into a game’s memory.¨
    And the game doesn´t work sometimes

    So it really seems that even the new Direct VR mode is actually not properly stable.

    This is my question…is there ANY GAME that works correctly in 3d with VORPX and that can be played from start to end?
    Please be honest….

    Also, VORPx has no demo or a way to test before buying.
    Do I have a way to refund if it doesn´t work properly???

Viewing 11 posts - 91 through 101 (of 101 total)

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