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    Hi there!!

    What is the current status of Elden Ring in VorpX?

    Is G3D supported?
    Does it hook & work correctly? do I have to just play offline right?

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    So this move by Steam lately, obviously shows that they´re probably ready to dump VR after all.

    May that fat fu**tard rot in hell.

    I am aware this is not really a vorpX-exclusive related thread, but this may be of interest to some people here and if not, feel free to erase it, no problem.

    No way.
    Valve is working on a new headset.

    What you see there is SIMPLIFICATION.

    There is no need to mention the Trademarks of supported hardware, as if games will tell trademarks for other hardware on the descriptions. In any case the headset trademarks can be mentioned in the required hardware as there is already happening with other hardwares.

    So VR supported or VR only is the feature of the game, simply to read and understand.

    You worry too much.

    About the numbers, Quest 2 has it’s own market and is the leader in VR and keeps growing, Pico 4 is the same, PSVR is already the same and now is reaching a 2nd Generation with PSVR2.
    So…. instead of seing only steam, there are plenty of markets now that keep growing.
    VR is unique, right now is like a PREMIUM GAMING SOLUTION. You pay an additional hardware in your gaming rig, for a PREMIUM “BE INSIDE GAMES” EXPERIENCE. (ok, maybe not all games are premium sure, but my point is that nothing beats the same premium game with VR than without VR)

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    Just putting this out there

    Jedi fallen order with the first person mod….

    Tales from the galaxies who???

    Best star wars experience in VR yet

    Where to get that mod? I would like to try it


    I did not I’ve shader issues with text and odd colours rendering in one eye

    But I am sure it’s fixable with the shader Authoring tool….just time consuming,

    I never understood how to use it, I have that issue on many games where there is incorrect renderings on one eye and I never understood how to fix them

    I’ve read the instructions in the forum but still I do not understand it properly how to fix those cases, for example the most common is seeing black parts rendered on one eye

    I can remember the Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance new game with this problem at some levels


    Regarding the anticheat… I was posting this not so long ago: https://www.vorpx.com/forums/topic/elden-ring-anti-cheat-can-be-disabled-is-there-hope-then/

    Could this also allow G3D?


    ArmA also relies on moving a mouse and it’s the one of the most realistic tactical game of the history. Ready or Not it’s the sucessor of Swat 4, the best police tactical game. Probe it and tell me if is not realistic, are exact real police tactics.
    In VR the games near of “Ready or Not” are Onward and Virtual WarFighter. Both are tactical and realistic FPS. Maybe Contractor VR but is in the level of Zero Caliber, very good FPS but not tactical and realistic.

    Yes but ArmA was released when there was no Virtual Reality, my point is that every FPS today that doesn’t support VR is less realistic that if there was VR support.
    Moving a mouse as today is NOT realistic compared to what you have today, where you can replicate a 1:1 model and aim the way it is actually designed.

    And yes I can prove it easily, here are examples of new ways of trainings when different police departments understood that VR is closest way to simulate realism>

    One thing is to enjoy 2D graphics on what we can both agree is fotometry and how real it looks, but is still a 2d image, and the real police is not shooting with a mouse.
    So the real training is to simulate the entire situation in Virtual Alternate Reality that creates it on real scale and only at that point the police can practice and shooting not with a mouse of course.

    But of course I would love to have the same quality level on VR, do not get me wrong, my point is that for realism reasons the approace is to allow the player to move inside that simulation the same way as in real life.
    Maybe to study a situation without needing the same level of interaction it can be used a 2d Game as ArmA, but if you want to have a real simulation for real movements, then VR is the best choice today.

    Here are more:

    in reply to: The Future of vorpx, after the Cyberpunk 2077 Mod #208537

    The little competitor Helixvision supports Geo-3D in DAI. But you won’t have to use it without Vorpx. You can use a first Person Mod in FullVR with the Vorpx Desktop Viewer or the Tomb Raider Profiles, and use only the Geo-3D driver in SBS of Helixvision.

    what is DAI?


    Sure the future best tactical FPS.


    A game looking for realism but relies on moving a mouse, hmmm is not the best already.
    There is already a thread in their forums asking for VR support.

    Check Zero Caliber that is still being developed but it is already a very good one with Single Player campaign missions. They just released 2 very good and complex maps to play.
    The AI is still being adjusted but the game is very good one and the weapons are incredible !!!
    You have a full armory to unlock and get better.

    in reply to: Almost Ten Years Ago… #208130

    All good. Was a good opportunity to raise a bit of awareness for the fact that vorpX is capable of a lot more than one or the other may think by just checking one or two games.

    Certainly. And I love to see this level of improvement being feasible.
    Keep it up!

    I will always recommend it further as new friends are buying VR like one that is going to get it by Christmas.

    anyway, Happy Holidays !

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    Both. Exact release day isn’t 100% clear yet. Sometime next week.

    ….. True cyberpunk if you want. ;)

    YOU ROCK!!!
    Thanks a lot…
    so we should then wait around next week..

    Nice headset hahahah also reminded me of MAX HEADROOM :P

    Love to read these good news… VR KEEPS growing every day :)
    Cheers and happy holidays for everyone

    in reply to: How to get Z3D looking good? #207331

    How to get Z3D looking good?
    Easy, turn it off and go for Geometry 3D :)

    in reply to: Succubus G3D it is almost working but.. help? #206704

    I try all ue4 profile. The result is the same. Zadaptive work but no 3d. G3d on right eye dont redendering some element. most game have this problem , i hope that ralf make something!

    Yes, I do not understand what is happening because is not the first UE4 game that fails with G3D, Remnant from the ashes was never fixed and initially was working with G3D and suddenly it didn’t hook G3D anymore.

    My main issue is also that I never understand what is the proper way to use the Shader Authoring, in this case for example, it seems to be one layer that is not rendering in the right eye because I can see the HUD on both eyes, and I can see the background in both eyes, however the main layer that displays the character fails, just by running the game in the main menu the issue can be seen perfectly or starting the game as well.

    I hope anyone or Ralf can take a look, and not be offended by a game like this (or even check Remnant from the ashes UE4 game)


    in reply to: What are your TOP VorpX experiences? #206700

    I’m not a big fan of GTA games, Is like I always stop playing them in the first hour…BUT… I saw videos of GTA5 with FULL VR CONTROLLERS support for shooting freely…. I tried a couple of mods that look great but none had VR controllers support. Can anyone confirm what is the correct mod with weapons support?

    in reply to: What are your TOP VorpX experiences? #206655

    Please check PRODEUS as well, I was playing it yesterday because they expanded the single player campaign and it looks bombastic

    in reply to: Succubus G3D it is almost working but.. help? #206632

    Had to google this game. WTF, was this made by 14 year olds?
    <span class=”embed-youtube” style=”text-align:center; display: block;”>[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11c5p8fCsSU?version=3&rel=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&fs=1&hl=en-US&autohide=2&start=295&wmode=transparent%5D</span&gt;
    Play something else.

    Please do not feel offended because of a very simple reason: is just a game.
    In any FPS/movie/book/ART you can see depiction of crimes, sex, lies, and people eating pizza with pineapple.
    But in the end is just a game, the key in the definition of the computer games is that is not real, those are pixels, just that.

    yep, but thanks :)

    Now returning back to the main point, I tried disabling DLSS and no difference at all.
    I tried with the Shader authoring closing the eye that works correctly to only see the black right eye and went one by one searching the Pixel, with the blue render. And I found suddenly like 4 shaders that turn that black eye into full blue.. but ..what should I do now? I tried to set them as HIDE and no results whatsoever.
    Tried diferent things but besides Identifyng them because the screen turns blue I do not understan anything what should I do.

    What a shame because is just another UE4 game and it clearly works on G3D, only that right eye is always black.

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