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    My bad, when i launched the game flat to try the new raytracing override, i just forgot to turn off the frame generation before using VorpX.
    Everything is working fine.

    in reply to: Cyberpunk VR Update Thread #215948

    Okay, i will simply reinstall the game.

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    Installed CET from 12 april for patch 1.62, it crashs when reaching the main menu.
    I’m using VorpX 21.3.2

    in reply to: Dead Space remake, anybody tried it ? #214968

    Do you have the old Dead space installed as well ?
    If so, you could try remaming the old one (both file and exe).

    in reply to: Mass Effect Legendary Edition (DX11) #214964

    Make sure VorpX is hooking the right EXE (MassEffect1.exe).
    When the game was out at release, VorpX tried to hook the launcher. I think it was fixed but i’m not sure.

    in reply to: Dead Space remake, anybody tried it ? #214963

    Are you tryng to hook the correct exe ?

    in reply to: Advice #214488

    I think you should also check headsets with a smaller resolution and see if it’s not a better choice than the Reverb G2.
    Real 3D in VR needs about double performances, as it will render twice (once for each eye). Meaning, if you get to run a game at 4k with steady 60 FPS, you will get round 30 fps in VR and it could be uncomfortable to watch as low fps could resulte as motion sickess for you.

    I would like to point 2 important things :
    First, resolution on your screen and it’s display in VR can look different; a 1080p on a 1080p screen can look clean, but inside the headset, it will look more blury and aliasez.
    1440p looks OK in the G2, and 4k is nice.
    Even with my 3090, i couldn’t run most games at 4K with high FPS and high graphics settings.

    Second, concerning Fallout 4, this game does not have DLSS; wich is bad for VR as it help having a higher frame rate without loosing too much quality. I couldn’t run Fallout 4 at decent display and graphics with my 3090, so in the end, i bought Fallout 4 VR.
    So if you want to run Fallout 4 in VR, be ready to reduce the graphic quality enough to get smooth FPS.
    The good news is, Fallout 4 will have a free update from Bethesda this year, so let’s hope that they will include DLSS.

    Is there any other games you would like to play with VorpX ?
    Outside of Fallout 4, the original Mass Effect trilogie is one of my favorite experience; i wouldn’t be able to play this games flat anymore.

    in reply to: Advice #214437

    Hi i’m a owner of HP G2, and i think it is a good headset to beging with VR IF your main concern is quality display for medium price over everything else.
    His display is 2160×2160 for each eye, so if you want to take full advantage of his resolution in game, you need a biffy computer.
    His field of view is in the average-low compared to other headsets today, and his sweet spot his pretty narrow.
    His refresh rate in only 90hz but with 2160×2160*2 it was not shocking (2 years ago).

    The G2 use Fresnel lens and there is no eye tracking, meaning that when you wear the headset, you look at the world by moving your head, not your eyes. If you move your eyes inside the headset, everything outside of the sweetspot will be blury.

    About 2 years ago when the G2 was new to the market, i would have recommanded it for any people looking for a great display.
    But today i would not recommande the G2 brand new; there is new headsets on the way that are better at everything, but if you can get a second hand in good condition at cheap price, it is not a bad choice to begin with.

    If you have a high end computer (4090 owner), i would recommand waiting few weeks for the Pimax Crystal instead.
    Since i upgraded my GPU, the “narrow” field of view and 90hz refresh rate of the G2 is the main reason why i will change for a better headset.
    Long story short, i would not recommand the G2 at all if your hardware and GPU are above 3090TI.

    in reply to: Why did I buy Vorpx? #213859

    Long story shot, some big editor contacted VR modders to make their franchises unplayable in VR.

    So now, the franchises GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands and Bioshock are unplayable in any popular VR mod, not just VorpX.
    Could be more franchises, i dont know the full list.

    in reply to: Question about VorpX and DLSS 3 #213680

    Okay, quick update on the matter since i installed my 4090 today.
    First, it’s seems like a monster and a big upgrade from my 3090 (FE) even without DLSS 3.0.
    I couldn’t test DLSS 3 yet, but i’m running Cyberpunk 2077 (VorpX version, not the dedicated VR mod, so it’s only Z3D) everything maxout at 4k with DLSS 2.0 set on “balanced”, and it’s butter smooth with a detailed image.
    I’m using a reverb G2 and the biggest limitation seemed the refresh rate (90hz only).
    While driving the fasted car at high speed, i had some regular stutter which seemed to be loading a new zone. I will test further about this stuttering.

    Seems like DLSS 3.0 need the new update so i will download it tonight and test tomorrow.
    I will test later with the dedicated VR mod, real 3D should be more impacting than Z3D.

    Outside VorpX, i tested Resident Evil 2 VR (Praydog mod) to try the raytracing version… it seems like the 4090 just don’t give a damn : 4k everything maxed out, even rendered the game at 130% in the lab, i don’t think i lost much FPS from 100%
    Again, it seems that my headset’s refresh rate is the biggest limitation.

    This was short tests sessions as i didn’t have much time after work.

    in reply to: Question about VorpX and DLSS 3 #213362

    -First, i do CGI, that’s why i don’t mind spending more money than average consumers on hardware, because it’s a tool… and because i have the budget locked since few month already.

    -Second, reguarding VR, i have a 3090 and it’s not enough to play at 4k for each eyes with maxed settings, or even high settings with 50 fps at minimum it’s painfull. That’s why i did not upgrade to a 3090TI, not much improvement.

    -Last, the 4090 is not a “pro” card. pros that need ultimate performance would buy a Quadro, not a RTX, making the 4090 looks like a cheap card at 65% discount.

    The 4090 is a niche card; if it was not for CGI and VR, i would have no reasons the upgrade from my 3090.

    in reply to: Question about VorpX and DLSS 3 #213357

    I’m checking everyday the Nvidia’s store for the Founder Edition… i hope it will get approvisioned soon.
    I don’t plan on spending more than the FE price, as 1950€ is already a lot of cash.

    in reply to: Question about VorpX and DLSS 3 #213273

    Ah, I see.
    In the worst case, the frame interpolation can be deactivated in the DLSS options while keeping the upscaling and latence reduction feature.

    in reply to: Question about VorpX and DLSS 3 #213271

    Well, i’ll get my hand on a RTX 4090 FE as soon as possible to see for myself, depending on their availability.

    I will update this post for feed back.

    in reply to: Resident Evil 2 Remake #213229

    Capcom updated their Resident Evil 2,3 and 7 games to their Resident Evil 8 engine, so maybe it’s causing problems to hook.
    Have you tried other profiles ?
    Personnaly, i play RE2 with Praydog VR mod.

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